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Bring me back to Disneyland

Updated on November 14, 2011
Astounding aesthetics and immense leisures --now that's what I call life.
Astounding aesthetics and immense leisures --now that's what I call life. | Source
It's all about happiness here in this wondrous oasis.
It's all about happiness here in this wondrous oasis. | Source

I looked at my life in retrospection. I didn't have as much ecstasy and bliss as going to Hong Kong Disneyland a few months ago. The other events of my life are monotonous just like the grimy walls of a dingy, squalid building; so unprepossessing in a way that I myself dislike.

Before I went to Disneyland, I thought that it was just another irksome theme park suited for children, and not adults who have much more work to do. However, I was forced to go there with my family after being coaxed many times.

I was brainwashed.

There was no need for taking a rest languorously in a spa or listening to music at home in order to enjoy life. They would not help much, only temporarily. Your beliefs and your psyche have to be changed so that you would be happy and calm once again. When I went to Disneyland, the experience was really therapeutic and I felt brimming with verve and energy. I was enthralled by the 3D movies, the marvelous scenery, and the fireworks. The world was ostensibly within my hands. I felt free and emancipated. There are many sights to see and places to go. I was in a fantasy world indeed. It would be sorry if one did not manage to travel around the mystic world of Disneyland and indulge in such unrivaled luxury.

Seldom did reality possess the neatness and delectation of fantasy, its precise framework and its orderly structure. Usually what one experiences in reality are tedium and painstaking work. All too often there lack that indispensable element of drama, that sense of wonderment, discovery, revelation and surprise. It would be the dearth of passionate activity that put people into their present state of unhappiness and boredom. We could withstand any deprivation, going for days without food, mobile phones, computers, game consoles, televisions, etc; but we could not go without mental stimulation. We rebel at stagnation and dullness. That is one of the reasons why we always want to travel around the world and see what life really have for us, instead of staying in that cocoon. Everyday will seem to be dismally gray if we do not get in touch with idyllic experiences, like seeing nature, artistic sculptures and many more.

My recount of my Disneyland experience is not a promotion. I am not urging you to go there. However, if we do not go for a holiday retreat, purely for comfort, then you would have fewer days to enjoy life. I am not a hedonist though. It is universally true that the enjoyment of life begins now, even if one is still a child under 12 years of age. I do not really support with the idea that enjoyment will ensue after retiring. Think about it: when you are that old, you would not have the ardor and zeal years ago. You would probably be panting after traveling from the airplane to the customs and be sicked of walking long distances from one place to another.

Don't forget that you are not a Superman. If you have worked hard enough for the year, that is good. You can go to Disneyland, Universal Studios and any other tourist attractions for a day. Or you can go to the mountains, valleys, waterfalls, forests, beaches, fjords, parks and any other places in the world.

And do bring yourself back to Disneyland.


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