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British Newspaper Received Tip Before John F. Kennedy Was Murdered

Updated on November 2, 2017
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Ed was a prosecutor before focusing on novel. A murder case he prosecuted is showing on ID Investigative Discovery Channel.

President John F. Kennedy Shown With Wife Jackie Moments Before HIs Murder

President John F. Kennedy shown with First Lady Jackie Kennedy in 1963 only moments before his tragic murder in downtown Dallas.
President John F. Kennedy shown with First Lady Jackie Kennedy in 1963 only moments before his tragic murder in downtown Dallas.

Twenty Five Minutes Before John Kennedy Murdered Tip Received

A short time before United States President John F. Kennedy was murdered in downtown Dallas, Texas, in 1963, a British newspaper received a tip about "some big news" in the United States, according to Fox News recently. President Donald Trump tweeted earlier this week he intended to release the remaining JFK documents kept secret in the National Archives.

President Trump did indeed order the release of more than 2,800 documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, according to a recent article in the New York Times newspaper. However, the article in the paper of record went on to reveal the President succumbed to pressure from the CIA and FBI by withholding thousands of additional papers pending six more months of review. Perhaps the highlight of the revealed documents was a document purporting to disclose an anonymous call to a Cambridge newspaper shortly before the President's murder.

The anonymous call was received by a reporter at the Cambridge News (England). The circulation of the paper serves the East Anglia area of eastern England. The call was the highlight of the 2,800 documents released late Thursday by the Archives under Trump's order.

Kennedy Assassinated In Motorcade With Convertible's Top Down

Kennedy was shot on Nov. 22, 1963 as he rode in a presidential motorcade in Dallas at 12:30 p.m. CST. Dallas is six hours later than Britain. The call came in at 6:05 p.m. local time in Cambridge.

Contents Of Phone Call Shock Many

The contents of the mystery call shocked many people Thursday evening. The caller reportedly said the Cambridge news reporter should "call the American Embassy in London for some big news." The memo regarding the call came from CIA's James Angleton to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Several cable news commentators discussed how ironic it was the call originated in Cambridge.

Cambridge was famous for being a hotbed for Russian spies during the Cold War. Kim Philby, perhaps the most famous of all the British spies who sold secrets to the Communists, was a student at Cambridge where he was recruited. When he was finally caught after many years of espionage, he fled to Moscow, where he lived out his remaining days under the protection of the Kremlin. Was it someone who was part of a spy network who made the call?

The memo, dated Nov. 26, 1963 reads as follows: "After the word of the President's death was received the reporter informed the Cambridge police of the anonymous call, and the police informed MI5. The important point is that the call was mas made, according to MI5 calculations, about 25 minutes before the President was shot," according to Associated Press reports.

Cambridge News Says Phone Memo Discovered By Michael Eddowes

The Cambridge News ran a story yesterday (Friday) that the existence of the memo was first discovered by lawyer Michael Eddowes. He dedicated much of his life to investigating the many unanswered questions surrounding JFK's murder. Eddowes believed the caller was a British-born Soviet agent named Albert Osborne. The British lawyer suggested Osborne went under the name John Howard Bowen.

Bowen had befriended Lee Harvey Oswald, the man charged with murdering the President. Eddowes' theory was the call was made "because the Soviet Union was eager that the assassination should be seen as a conspiracy," according to he newspaper.

CIA And FBI Persuade Donald Trump To Withhold Many Reports

The CIA and the FBI reportedly persuaded Trump to withhold a final set of documents from the public, according to the Politico newsletter. Several governmental agents claimed the release of all the documents would undermine national security. Rex Bradford, president of Mary Ferrell Foundation, said, "I guess nobody had 25 years to prepare for today."

The question asked by many of the commentators was, "What possible national security issues could remain 54 years after the assassination?"

White House Considers Releasing More Redacted Documents

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders informed the press further documents with redactions would be released in the future. Trump's authorization of the release of documents came through the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992.

LIst Of Persons Of Interest

A list of sources of persons of interest in the assassination investigation included Mafia leader Santo Trafficante and some Cuban exiles.Another Mafia boss Meyer Lanksey also appeared on the list.

FBI Memo Describes Plans To Assassinate Castros and Che Guevara

A 1964 memo describes a meeting in which Cuban exiles discuss setting a price for the murders of Fidel Castro, Raoul Castro and Che Guevara. The group decided $150,000 was too much money to pay for Fidel's demise. At a later meeting they decided on $100,000 for Fidel, only $20,000 for Raoul and $20,000 for Che, according to research done by the Washington Post newspaper.

Jack Ruby shown murdering alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald at Dallas Police station.
Jack Ruby shown murdering alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald at Dallas Police station.

CIA And Mafia Plot To Take Out Castro

A 1975 document from the Rockefeller Commission detailing the CIA's role in foreign assassinations indicated preparations were made during the early years of the Kennedy Administration to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The report said Attorney General Robert Kennedy told the FBI he learned the CIA hired an intermediary "to approach Sam Giancana with a proposition of paying $150,000 to hire some gunman to go into Cuba and kill Castro."

Bobby, who wanted to crack down on the Mob, said it would be difficult to prosecute such people in the future because of this. Bobby himself would be assassinated in 1968 as he ran for President under suspicious circumstances.

FBI Knew Of Death Threat Against Oswald

Yet another document dated November 24, 1963, showed FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover addressing the death of Oswald at the hands of Jack Ruby. Hoover admitted the FBI's Dallas office received a call from a man saying "he was a member of a committee to kill Oswald." Hoover further said the FBI had evidence of Oswald's guilt and intercepts of Oswald's communications with Cuba and the Soviet Union. Hoover was concerned there would be doubt in the public about Oswald's guilt.

Soviet Union Claimed Murder Was Part Of A Conspiracy

Another disclosed memo reveals the officials of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union believed there a well-organized conspiracy inside the United States to effect a coup. Their opinion was the assassination was not the work of one man, but that it arose out of a carefully planned campaign in which several people played roles.

Majority Of Public Believe Oswald Didn't Act Alone

A majority of the American public has never bought the theory Oswald acted alone. Video clips, interviews of eyewitnesses and science experiments have resulted in most people believe Oswald did not act alone. Many researchers still wonder about Oswald's trip to Mexico City shortly before the assassination. What was he doing at the Russian Embassy there? according to Fox News.

Another lady in Wichita Falls, Texas said she still has doubts. She remembers a Dallas Police officer confronted a man standing on the grassy knoll facing Kennedy's death car. The man showed the officer what he claimed was an FBI badge. The unidentified man was released.

The lady said, "I still remember seeing pictures of eyewitnesses looking toward the grassy knoll after hearing the gunshots. You'll never convince me the shots didn't come from the grassy knoll."

A recent poll indicated 61% of Americans don't believe the government's official version.

LBJ Mentioned In Reports

While the Warren Commission concluded both Ruby and Oswald acted alone in 1964, most Americans now disagree. Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson was referred to in the files. The Soviet Union alleged Kennedy's vice-president Lyndon Baines Johnson was involved, according to an article in the New York Post.

In a Dec. 1, 1966 FBI memo, sources said the KGB , the world's largest "spy and security machine" claimed they had "possession of data purporting to indicate President Johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy."

Roger Stone further wrote a book entitled The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ. That book has become a New York Times bestseller. In that book political consultant Stone has gathered documents and used his firsthand knowledge to construct the ultimate tome to prove that LBJ was not only involved in JFK's assassination, but was in fact the mastermind, according to the author's public relations comments.

The memo was entitled "Reaction Of Soviet Union And Communist Party Officials To JFK Assassination" was sent to Hoover, according to Fox News.

Document Released By Donald Trump

Picture of a document ordered released by Donald Trump.
Picture of a document ordered released by Donald Trump.


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