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Broken Boy

Updated on August 1, 2016

Dark black sky, all silence beside,There sits a guy, thinking inside, about the dreams he hide,Woke up with a slight zest at night,Followed the thoughts in his mind,Confronted his authors of life,"Want to change the script", he cried,"I've died enough now I want to live a life,wanna rise and live in light,I'm done with these lies"They argued aloud and alot, but the boy was stubborn,He saw a star falling and to chase it he was driven,His only mission was to pursue his visions,Finally, they too saw that ambition and made a positive decision,All happy he started working on his desire,Day or night he worked to get higher,You could see in his eyes that fire,The fight and the might all which was required,Prior to the moment of success that star fell,In the silent darkness his breath left,A dream of dreams went unsaid and suppressed,Left the canny world with many quests,He could've brought smiles to the human life,But was cut through by the system and society's knife,He might've gone many miles,But is now stuck in some Imaginary afterlife.


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