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Broken Hearted Joker

Updated on January 18, 2017

You... yeah you

The one who had been in the center of my chest

Greater than a football's crest

Look in my eyes

the raving eyes

Haunting you with the light

gleaming from the far side

Now all shattered

collected through the hatred

the bulging eyes

says something about me

Yeah... I am a Broken hearted JOKER

Night is gone

Day aint coming

Will it never come?

Ask to my hand

Coz my mind is on vacation

Never will the stones break

nor the glasses melt

Neither do the sun and moon ever meet

the stars just fade away

Its just the reflection in eyes

The mirage that it creates

The sun The moon The stars,

Just for the eyes

The mind the words and the intuition

Just for the play

Play as all you like

You pathetic person

You just lost a heart

and made a good heart

A very bad JOKER


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    • profile image

      Ashma Ghimire 13 months ago

      Good one! :)