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Broken Love Story

Updated on July 28, 2016

Broken Love Story

Sleeping heart

Insane mind

Distorted illusions

Moments in time

Empty dreams

Broken promises

Deceitful tragedies

Monsters name broken love story

The lie was you and me

Whispering sweet nothings

Lost air trapped in rose colored glass

Shattered windows

Broken dreams and a lonely misplaced heart

Pools of tears swimming away from the past

Clarity on the purpose of life I still struggle to comprehend and grasp

Dreams of true love forever crushed cold

Instantaneous death on impact

Be careful anywhere your time is spent

Collected moments turn into unforgettable memories

No love left to be found

No use in turning around

Wipe your tears love and straighten your crown

Others would kill to see you frown

Instead while killing with kindness, I shall see them drown

© 2016 Marlena Rochelle Neely


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