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Broken Puzzle

Updated on July 18, 2013

BY Lisa Mitchell

A world where pieces are uneven and do not fit,

An awkward puzzle will be made.

Awakened once more.

To blue skies, blonde sand, painted mountains from bronze to lavendar.

White grins of clouds and twinkling stars under a facelifted moon greet me again.

Let time stand still for one moment and end this bitter second.

Bring Peace into a once contented life now laying in broken pieces on the ground.

Sand will know it's place inside the hourglass once more and no longer feel your loss.

Warm touches will grace my face to let me know I wasn't dreaming.

To hope it meant as much to you if only for the briefest moment as it will mean to me for all my life.

Would truly be the greatest thing in the world.

We both know the time will come and go; leaving us no place where we belong together.

So I will find my way to my spaceship and make my merry little way.

A saucer in a fleeting moment of love discarded into the cold night wind.

And where I end up I do not know for the stars are no longer the same.

The light is dim and the pieces do not fit.


The puzzle is warped and misshapen making it impossible for me to get to where it should have been.

Its just a useless piece of cardboard paper.

Discarded and no longer of use crumble in the water and wash out to sea.

A figment never thought of pushed to the outer crevices of time.


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