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Broken Resolution

Updated on July 6, 2015
Ivyzaide profile image

hi, I‘m Ivy from the philippines. I love writing poems about what I feel or anything that comes to mind.

First time I laid my eyes on you

My heart beats faster than it have to do

From that brief moment of connection

My whole system forgot how to function

A weird feeling has arisen

that shook my whole being

I tried to avoid for it to lessen

but feels like something is missing

You‘re seriously listening

while I keep on staring

I love seeing your reaction

without doing a thing, you caught my attention

The way you smile becomes a distraction

Your presence becomes my inspiration

Stealing glances at you becomes my mission

Because of you I broke my resolution

I should have seen the danger

That for you I‘m nothing but a stranger

From the beginning I should have stop

Now I‘m caught to this trap


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