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The Invasion

Updated on November 27, 2013

We've thrown everything that may destroy humankind. We've played with them in each of their pitiful lives. We gave them no hope, we destroyed their home, what else do we lack to finish them off?

The war is finished. We won and they lost, the humans. They left Earth, their home, for the sake of their lives. It was a desperate move, a move that they needed to make, in order for their race to survive. They don't know that the inevitable would happen, the only thing keeping them together is false hope. Hope that on something that does not exist, hope that won't save them, but somehow they're able to keep that illusion in their minds. They still believe in it. Funny, most of us would think, our scientists, found it interesting, our leaders, are amused.

In the war, they struggled, they were in confusion, they never knew that we existed. They, actually, thought that they were alone, but now, they know that they are not alone, and that they are not the superior beings, that they are not gods. Their superiority is an illusion, a thing that they made for themelves, because of they thought that they could own the universe. But they are wrong after all, they've always been wrong.

Their government protected them from the truth. Little do they know that this "protection", led to our advantage, our ruse tactic. They did not believe what they saw, skies filled with black chrome-painted ships, ships with a Gothic build, floating at their blue sky. Shocked on how they would react, fight or not? They never fired the first bullet, we did, because we knew that if we give them that chance, we could possibly lose our advantage. Our advantage, but not the war. We knew that we would win the war.

We are superior in all ways. Technology, knowledge, discipline, everything. There was no way we could possibly lose, but we knew that we are against something different. Humans have been known for their abilities. Adapting, surviving under the worst circumstances, and winning when all hope is lost. Somethings that some other creatures don't have. Something that made them unique. But we didn't let those things get in our way. We crushed them.

So why invade the humans? Why them of all the other races that they "thought" did not exist? We thought that they would give us the biggest challenge, and yes they did. That was the only reason, we are ahead of them in every way yet, they were able to find our weaknesses. We thought that it was suppose to be easy, they didn't make it so easy. Their strategies adapted to ours and researched us more than we researched them. They had an edge. But we were not going to give victory to them and we knew that defeat was not an option. They fought harder than us, after all they need to. They were in desperation, in that desperation they were united, and that scared us. They had the power to destroy is in that unity, somehow, they were able to put away their differences in that final battle. We won by a thread, that I can't lie about, and we honor that, we were amused, we were creatures made for destruction, and no challenge has ever come to us like this. We were proud of our enemies, they fought like nothing else in the universe.

We licked our wounds, those wounds that they gave us were big, it damaged us greatly,something that we can fix, but not our dignity. For all we know we lost that war, we were far more advance, stronger in every way, yet, they were able to almost put us down, almost defeated us. We lost because we let them survived, our efforts were not to finish them off. Humans are really stubborn creatures, they find will in what they lost, power in weakness, and unity in separation. Their differences stopped to matter in the end, unity, power, will, knowledge and more is what they gained. Now we are the one on the run, we let them live, now we are the one losing, we gave them an advantage, we thought we crushed them, that was just an illusion. They regrouped, somehow find the technology needed, they grew ever smarter, wiser, stronger in those times we thought they were weak. They started another war and this time we are the one shocked, we are the one confused, we are the one in desperation, we are the one losing.


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