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Broken by Martina Cole-A review

Updated on January 3, 2010

Martina Cole's Broken is a sometimes uncomfortable read about children in the fictional town of Grantley being abandoned, often in dangerous surroundings with the intent that they may come to some harm.One by one they are being left until one of the children turns up dead,then it becomes a race against time for DI Kate Burrows to find the killer before its too late.This book follows up from The Ladykiller also by Martina Cole and features some of the same characters,it does refer to the ladykiller book with a few references so probably best to of read that one first.

DI Kate Burrows

As a parent herself DI Kate Burrows finds this case particularly hard as is any case involving children,but only as she delves deeper and deeper into the case does she start to uncover some truly disturbing facts not just involving the case but also her personal life with tough east end gangster Patrick Kelly.

Patrick Kelly is trying to go legal with his business empire,its hard and he knows it but he is trying,but what with his girlfriend DI Kate Burrows on a very difficult case,his best friend finding love and a new lot of Russian gangsters trying to take over his nightclubs and strip joints,it is going to be hard, very hard indeed,and when his nightclub manager is killed and his best friend kidnapped he knows he is going to have some explaining to do.

As usual Martina Cole puts her own east end of London spin into this book and gets you believing in her main characters and also reviling at her most deviant characters,you don't have to be from the east end of London to enjoy this book but you will most definitely feel a part of it by the time your finished,i compel you to put this book down and i guarantee you cant.a brilliant follow up to The Ladykiller,buy it and you will not be disappointed


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