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Brothers Arise - Barnsey's Attempts at Poetry

Updated on June 19, 2013
Not a bad pic to use here!
Not a bad pic to use here!

Unknown Author

Come forth my friend and claim these words.

Though I have taken the liberty to augment them somewhat you will indeed find the root is your words, written by you some long ago time. I found them buried in a pile of other such poems and songs and realized this would be a great addition to the hubpages poetry collection.

I was touched by it and thought I should share.

"To my Brother, friend, teacher, listener and inspiration of many things."


Through the high and the low

in the mud and in the sky

Where we were headed we never really knew

but together we could never die

The world may laugh and shake its head

although the real smiles are worn by us

So put all your worries to bed

there is no more reason to fuss

Because when the stars shine bright

and we sit in the open air

Discussing life by the firelight

we soon find things fair

So may we be for this lifelong fight

May our souls bond to a greater size

And lets promise each other we'll never lose sight

As we let the world hear our chant



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