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Bubblews Bubble Popped!

Updated on May 5, 2016

Bubbles And The Wand

Think back to when you was young for a moment? Do you remember that bubble making bottle and that wand that you were given by your parents or grandparents? I can remember back like it was yesterday when life and times was way simpler. Often times I would blow and blow until that last bubble than it would untimely pop!

Hubpages Stable Model

Many times I have come across many articles on Hubpages as well as a few other sites and wondered as to the sustainability and longevity with its shared pay scales with individuals who would post content and wonder how long can that individual site last or pop. As I have seen so far and come to learn over time that Hubpages model of shared wealth so to speak is a stable model.

The Big Bubble...Bubblews

Speaking back on the lines of pop there have been many writing sites that have come a gone lately that I have had the pleasure of being a part of but one that comes to mind that pretty much came to an abrupt end was Bubblews. I spent almost two years laboriously writing almost anything that came to mind from poetry, short stories, and recipes in other words again whatever came to mind.

Some Highs Of Bubblews

On this site I came across a lot of good poetry writers some who was considered beginners and eventually decided to looking into becoming a publish author. As time went on to my surprised some were signed just as a result as for someone or publisher coming across his or her material on Bubblews or shared by others and found on Twitter or Facebook by other readers. I even notice this was the case even with novice writers of poetry or short stories some were past authors that may have lost the love to write and rekindle that fire with writing post or content on Bubblews.

Bubblews In My Opinion

I really enjoyed the bubble, meaning the dream too good to be true that of Bubblews. What I really liked about Bubblews in its heyday was the platform that had a global presence from India, Vietnam, Croatia etc… as well as providing timely media pictures of your choice to get a post or current news out as well as for the stated monetary value. Basically the financial scale of the online content share site Bubblews was set up to distribute funds in a timely matter after all the rules for posting at least 400 words and likes and commenting on other Bubblews post were complied with.

Bubblews In My Opinion

My main concern when I was on Bubblews was to churn out many post as I could with an average ten posts per day as well as commenting and like post I thought deserved the merit. Than overtime rules starting changing with a lot of the blame on what was called basically problems children or spammers. Often times these spammers would just like post and I’m sure of with no regards or clue as to what exactly reading they were reading.


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