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Buddha : a story of enlightenment by Deepak Chopra

Updated on July 9, 2011

It's a bright and early Saturday morning and I am at the local library, unpacking my books so that they can be returned. While I'm waiting, I see a book sitting on the next pile. It is titled “Buddha: a story of enlightenment” which was written by Deepak Chopra. The title caught my eye and so I studied the cover. Blue with a monk meditating. Immediately, I asked the lady if I could take out this book and she allowed me to once she had scanned it.

When I got home a few hours later ( I'd live in a library if I could), I packed all of the books into my drawer. All except the Buddha book. I was brought up a Catholic and lost my way a couple of times, but since then I have always been open minded about other religions including my own. So I picked up the book and began to read it.

The book is about Buddha himself. But let's go back a few chapters. Prince Siddharha is next in line for the throne but he is trapped inside his father's kingdom. He longs for the outside world which is forbidden to him. He abandons the title and kingdom and sets out into the unknown. He becomes a monk and embarks on a spiritual fast which brings him inches away from death. He recognizes his inability to conquer his body and mind by sheer will and he transcends all physical pain and achieves enlightenment.

Buddha today is an icon of peace and serenity. This book captures that person, captivates and inspires one which will ultimately lead us closer to understanding the true nature of life and ourselves. The religion of Buddhist is a religion where one would think of meditating monks in the middle of nowhere, but it is much more than that. They seek peace, and to find their true being in order to understand their purpose. Buddha means “one who is awake.”

I have great respect for the Dalai Lama whom many consider to be the living Buddha. He shows great compassion and love for his people and seeks means of sorting out problems without using war and violence. I have read a book titled: “The Dalai Lama : a biography” which gave me a better insight to the life of a Buddhist and the teachings of their religion.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is curious about the Buddhist religion and how the Buddha came about. One can easily bond to the characters in the book and as long as you open your mind, you can understand the true meaning and the hidden symbolism. Long live the Dalai Lama.


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    • broussardleslie profile image

      Leslie Broussard 7 years ago

      I, too, am a Christian intrigued by the wisdom of Buddha. Thank you for the concise hub.

      Many blessings!

    • CiscoPixie profile image

      CiscoPixie 8 years ago from I'm in a world of my own, but aren't we all?

      I would love to see the tree.. thank you for commenting

    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 8 years ago from Piece of land!

      You know Buddha left all the material possession behind to attain enlightenment. All beautiful wives, kids, kingdom and all pleasures. What a man. He was born in my country and died here too. There are temples here where he used to preach and also the tree under which he attained enlightenment

    • CiscoPixie profile image

      CiscoPixie 8 years ago from I'm in a world of my own, but aren't we all?

      Thanks cheeky!

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      My girlfriend is a Bhuddist. We read your Hub together. You have two fans here now! The "Eight Fold Path" is pretty amazing. It has slight similarities to the bible's ten commandments, if anyone still cares for them. Bhuddism is very easy to digest, I think! Great Hub, CiscoPixie!

    • CiscoPixie profile image

      CiscoPixie 8 years ago from I'm in a world of my own, but aren't we all?

      This is the first book i have read of his and i plan to read many more! He is a fantastic writer and gives his personal opinion separate to the rest of the world.

    • Catherine R profile image

      Catherine R 8 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      I haven't read this book but I have read many of Deepak Chopra's books. I love his writing style and find that he presents a very credible world view. I will check this one out. Thanks.