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Builders' Depot - a Poem

Updated on July 7, 2018
Diana Grant profile image

A retired lawyer, I'm fascinated by words, nuances of meanings & ideas. I’ve always enjoyed reading, languages, & writing, including poetry

Going to a Builders' Depot is Like Being in a Different World

It's a mini-world of its own. A huge series of interleading warehouses, bustling with activity, which I assume to be purposeful, fork-lift trucks driving hither and thither, so you have to skip out of their way or be fork-lifted up to I-know-not-where, and line-upon-line of cement bags, wooden planks, door furniture, paint, tools, glues, sealants and other adhesives, electrics, plumbing, and a host of other things in between.

As you enter, there is an ominous sign that says "smile, you're on camera", and there are tally-men and women at each entrance, checking receipts against goods leaving the premises, to make sure you don't do a runner with something that doesn't belong to you.

A Huge Builders' Depot

Builders' Depot - a great warehouse of a place
Builders' Depot - a great warehouse of a place | Source

Thoughts Whilst Sitting in the Car Park

Whilst I was sitting in my car, watching the trains fly past on the railway siding, waiting for my carpenter son to make his purchases, these words came to me:

Builders' Depot

Fluorescent canary-jacketed men

Standing around chatting

Waiting for something to happen

Smoking, joking

Cockney mixed with

Middle European

Ready to help

Orange forklifts

Racing around importantly

Hurling forward, abrupt stops

Trains fly past the siding

Getting up speed

Metal shelving stacked high

With mysterious bags

Ballast sand

Wooden pallets

Timber cut in more ways

Than I’ve had hot dinners

Vertical tall soldiers

Recumbent horizontal crocodiles

Honey brown

Smelling of fresh sawdust

It’s a men’s world

Muscular tough world

Unwittingly macho

Hands-calloused and rough world

A world full of comaraderie

A warehouse of discounts

Secrets and promises

© Diana Grant 28th March 2010

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