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Romanian Joker a.k.a. Bula

Updated on April 2, 2013

Who or what is Bula

Today I've wanted to write about something else but I don't know why I've changed my mind and I will write about Bula.
Bula is not a thing, Bula is a person, a legendary hero. You never find him in any books because he comes from our spoken culture. He is the only one, from the our past, who can even talk about Ceasusescu when no one else could do that.
Bula is boy, the funny one, who don't know no much about school but is clever and isn't afraid to say what he thinks.
He never let you down, Bula can make you smile when you are sad.
He is a joke from where you can even learn something.
So I will try to translate for you some jokes with and about Bula. I know that only the language can make a difference from a good to bad joke, but I guess that Bula deserve this.

Bula at school or in the army

  • At the religion, priest ask:
    - Bula how do you think that is the "land where milk and honey are flowing"?
    - Gluey ...
  • Bula was in fourth grade, when the teacher asks the children with what they've come to school.
    John: Ferrari.
    Smith: BMW.
    Bula: with the bicycle.
    All start laughing. Angry Bula goes to his father and tells him what happened. His father told him to say to his colleagues that he drives a Bugatti.
    The next day. ..teacher: - Children, what car do you use to came to school?
    John: Ferrari.
    Smith: BMW.
    Bula: Bugatti.
    Teacher: And why are you late?
    Bula: The chain was broken '
  • - Bula, are you saying that your dad not helped you to solve the problem?
    - Did not help.
    - Give your word.
    - I give it. Did not helped me, he solve that itself.
  • Bula says to a colleague:
    - I have to tell grandmother to go to school, at the meeting with parents.
    - Why not tell your mom?
    - Because my grandmother is almost deaf.
  • On the first day, the teacher asks about parents' occupations.
    Smith: - My father is a worker!
    - Then you sit in the first bench, Gigel! So says the party: workers, peasants and intellectuals.
    Johnny: - My dad's a butcher!
    - Smith, you get a second bank, and you Johnny, the first bank!
    Phase is repeated with different children, with parents most interesting crafts.
    Finally the teacher reach to Bula.
    Bula: - Dad's in Security!
    - Well Bula, you'll sit in the first bench! But Bula, what is doing your father there?
    - I do not know, last night took it!
    (*) Before '89 the butcher was one of the most appreciated becouse he can provide you a good piece of meat. The party is the P.C.R. (R.C.P.) - Romanian Communist Party. And Security was for the Ceausescu the most powerfull weapon.
  • At the Zoology, teacher asks the students:
    - Who in the class can tell me why the fish can't talk?
    The whole class is silent.
    - Hey, you, at the last bench. Bula! You said your father is a fisherman. Why are fish can't talk?
    - Why what? Try to sunk your head under water and you can not say a word!
  • Bula reads aloud the theme that you had a home.
    - Yes, ma'am, I wrote about my father: "My father is the most bold, strong and talented. He could fight with tigers, he can lead a submarine or fly with a space shuttle, he can write a detective novel, what ever you want. But is a small drawback: he has to wash dishes and to beat carpets. "
  • Mother asks Bula:
    - Why the teacher give it you out of the classroom?
    - Well, he said that the rat eats in a day an amount equal to its weight.
    - So what? - I asked how the rat knows his weight?
  • Teacher: When is the best time for picking apples?
    Bula: When the dog is locked.
  • - Bula which is the future for the verb "to steal"?
    - " Prison " teacher ...
  • - Bula, when you sing, you say "I sing". When playing your brother, you say?
    - Shut up!
  • Bubbles reach colonel. A soldier comes to him:
    - Colonel, we lost the battle.
    - Then why you wait? Go and find her!
  • Bula gives example:
    - In the army we are all in the same boat: infantry at the paddle, navy at the helm and aviation makes water skiing! ...

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures with Bula because he can be anyone even if is not romanian.
I hope that you enjoy that and if it so I could try to tell you more.


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