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Bulk Printing

Updated on December 8, 2011

bulk printing - bosse printing

bulk printing - bosse printing
bulk printing - bosse printing | Source

About Bulk Printing

The Concept of Bulk Printing

Bulk Printing is the term used to refer to a process of printing various materials at extremely high volumes.
Often used in the production of printing magazines, brochures or flyers, bulk printing processes involve setting up a production line to manufacture to a large quantity of printed materials. Known as a "run", bulk printing processes commonly consist of a master copy being replicated a great number of times in sequence, after a printer has been set up for a particular job. This allows bulk printing specialists to print large numbers of Magazines, Brochures, Flyers and Business Cards at greatly reduced prices due to the benefits of economies of scale.

Additionally, the reduction in costs is further compounded by increased purchasing power. Leveraging our superior buying power by the frequency and volume of all our clients bulk printing requirements, and driving down the costs of our printing supplier.

Bulk Printing Services

Magazine Printing

Bulk printing processes work particularly well when applied to a medium such as Magazine Printing- due to high volumes required in modern distribution channels. Bulk printing suppliers are ideally suited to producing cost effective solutions for our large amount of distribution networks and high numbers of subscribers.
Due to the use of multiple suppliers, clients are provided with magazine solutions that range from small local publications, right through to multi-national magazines. Bulk printing allows us to provide our clients with vast supplies of print at highly cost effective pricing.

Brochure Printing

In much the same way as our magazine bulk printing service, bulk printing can help to reduce your overall brochure print spend. Highly effective brochure bulk printing solution can help you to greatly reduce the time and costs involved in producing your brochures; allowing you to quickly, and cost effectively reach your intended audience, not to mention at a fraction of the cost previously possible.

Journal Printing

Journal Printing is yet another example of how our bulk printing services can be utilised in lower volume publications. Most journals are published to a smaller subscriber base than that of recreational or promotional publications, however by offering clients the same service through our print management solution, a good printing company can still offer comparable time and costs savings as our high volume clients. This has helped revolutionise the way that small publications can be produced, increasing subscribers to a far broader distribution channel due to lower cost bulk printing techniques.

The Future of Bulk Printing

The future of bulk printing lies within its money saving capacity. Bulk printing is a solution that works across many levels; your business benefits from applying a wider customer base, and saves money at the same time.

Bulk Printing

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