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Bullied Review

Updated on August 25, 2016

Biography articles on book characters or book series

“Bullied”, series well-written by Christopher Smith represent a paranormal thriller. The books are absorbent, engaging and full of suspense. The story goes around Seth Moore, an 18-year old with a lot of issues.

Life hasn't been easy on Seth. His parents have always refused to take any responsibility regarding their child, they are unemployed, extremely poor and known as drunks. They were never able to support Seth and to give him confidence. They don't have a house, so the three of them live in a trailer. Seth is a weak, relentless teenage boy with his face covered in acne. He has no friends and it seems like no one is willing to support him. He is ashamed of his background and feels the need to hide. As this wasn't enough for a teenage boy to deal with, Seth is constantly being bullied and harassed by his high-school colleagues. Seth's confidence and self-esteem are at the lowest possible point, as the first book of the series begins.

Seth is the typical target teenager for the bullies. He is shy and he never fights back, mainly because he does not have the power to do it. Unhappy and desperate for a friend, Seth only thinks about ways in which he could get away, start a new life without the bullying, the terror and without the background he has always been ashamed of. He truly believes that leaving everything behind is the change he needs. This is all he dreams about, a new life.

In September Seth goes back to school for his senior year. He is not yet prepared for another tour of bullying. He has been making plans to run away from his terrible life. While heading to school for his first day, Seth is being bullied, but a new kid defends him. Alex is tall and athletic, has a big heart and he is going to be Seth's only friend from now on, along with Jennifer and Jim. Alex, Jennifer, and Jim are going to support and unconditionally help Seth through his engaging adventure. Alex thinks of Seth as he thinks of his little brother, weak and in constant need of defense. Seth also cares a lot about Alex, as he is his first friend ever, the first person to truly like him and take care of him.

But things are about to change exactly the same day. The bullies are going to become the bullied, and Seth is the one who is going to bully them. Seth will receive an amulet with a piece of human bone inside. as a gift from one of the few old friends of his father. The old man will explain to him what great power this amulet possesses and how important is to only be used for good purposes. The power must not be abused. This amulet is going to change Seth's life forever. And though he will later wish he had not received it, our hero will grow and will define his personality thanks to it.

The magic amulet gives his owner the power to make anything happen. Anything Seth truly wishes, with his both mind and soul, becomes reality. All the plans Seth made, all the things he only dared to dream about are now at a thought away. But with power comes responsibility, and Seth soon finds out that the powers of the amulet can be really difficult to control. However, the idea of going back to the weak, powerless teen he was before is out of the discussion. He does not recognize, but he truly enjoys getting his revenge on all the people that made his life a living hell.

What begins as a defense for Seth, soon turns into a fight back. He hates his bullies, he hates the teachers that allowed the bullying to continue, and hate pushes him towards becoming the bully himself. He abuses power, he recklessly uses the amulet and bad things start to happen. When Seth finally realizes that hate has won over his heart, that his actions are truly dangerous and that he could end up killing someone or hurt himself, he finds himself confused, as he does not know how to take all back or if he truly wants to take it back. He does not want to become the bully, but he does not want to be bullied either. He wants to get rid of all the rage, but the rage makes him feel strong and empowered and he really enjoys the feeling. However, he realizes that he could harm to the bullies, as well as himself, but he just can't give up. The power takes over his mind and soul, and he knows there is no turning back.

In the last two books of the series, Witch and War, also with Seth as the main character, things are about to get a lot more serious for our hero. In the meantime, Seth has managed to fully understand the power of the amulet. Other amulets come to the surface, and Seth begins to collect them. With every amulet he collects, his power grows. Strong and empowered, we are now looking at a totally different main character. Things get more complicated as Anna appears. Anna is an extremely beautiful witch with a malicious plan. She wants to steal the amulets from Seth so she could deliver them to her master. Anna is ruthless, she wouldn't hesitate to kill Seth to get what she wants. They are both equal in power. Seth has to face his enemy. Will he manage to get out of this situation? Things are more uncertain than ever.

In the last book, the final confrontation takes place. Anna is more ruthless than ever in her attempt to steal the amulets for her master, Darien. Seth finds himself forced to contact o more powerful witch in order to defeat Anna, so he seeks the help of Paisley White, an eccentric good old witch. With all of them in danger, including Alex, Jennifer, and Jim, they start a war against Anna and Darien. Seth realizes that he has become what he has feared the most, a bully. The power corrupted and overwhelmed him. So in this book, along with Anna and Darien, his enemy is himself.


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    • Cee-Jay Aurinko profile image

      Cee-Jay Aurinko 19 months ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Wow. Seth is really at the bottom of the barrel. I enjoy reading about these characters, scraping their way up from nothing. Thank you for this review Diana. This book sounds like a blend of Spiderman, Carrie, and Charmed. A treat for urban fantasy readers.