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Buntings Drug Store

Updated on August 4, 2010

Remembrances of my childhood keep flashing before my eyes…


Buntings’ hot dogs were the best! When I was growing up, Buntings Drug Store was known as the best place in town to get hot dogs. Yes it was a drug store too, but if it happened to be around lunchtime or you just needed a bite to eat, Buntings was the place. There was no Fast Food places back then, I’m talking 10 – 20 years before McDonalds was in the area so if you needed a place to meet with friends before the movies on Saturday, Buntings was it.


I remember watching as the pharmacist poured the dark liquid


I was first introduced to Buntings Drug Store a few years earlier, when something I had eaten didn’t exactly agree with my stomach. My dad took me to town to get the medicine I needed… he and mom had already agreed I needed a good dose of something. I remember watching as the pharmacist poured the dark liquid into the medicine bottle and then asking dad if there might be something else we needed. My dad said he didn’t think so, he paid and we left and as soon as we got home I soon learned first hand the mighty powers Caster Oil. No, I didn’t know what it was, I had never heard of it. I didn’t even know you were supposed to go to the bathroom everyday, if you know what I mean.

Did you ever gather with friends before going to the movies?

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In the early ‘50’s there was no TV


Needless to say the remedy worked and I don’t remember ever having to take it again, I saw to that.

Now back to my story – In the early ‘50’s there was no TV, so all the kids went to the movies on Saturday and before the movies, we would gather at Buntings. It was always crowded. Besides those that had business there or those having lunch, most all the kids would meet with friends so we could all go in the theatre together. There was no other place I’ve ever been quite like Buntings. The tables were glass – with women’s power and lotion and such, displayed under the glass tops. That was cool! There were no menus, rather you would look above the soda bar to see a large backlit menu with all food and drink items displayed and you ordered from that. One other thing that stood out to me – the floor… it was those little ceramic shapes placed in patterns, like in rest room floors, you know that made a ‘clicking noise’, when women in heels walked on it or men with leather heeled shoes.

The hot dogs were what most people remember about Buntings


The hot dogs were what most people remember about Buntings. I bet every one in town has at least tasted them. The cooked ‘dogs’ and steamed buns with chili and the onions placed on top – I can almost taste one now as I write. Maybe it was the hot dogs or maybe the hot dogs with my friends or the fact that we did this same thing every Saturday before the movies…it was soooo good.

There was another drug store (Peoples Drugs), that later did add a food counter, but Buntings was always the place to gather for us kids.


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  • samsons1 profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Tennessee

    thanks Madurai for stopping by and reading one of my Hubs. Glad you liked it, come again...

  • Madurai profile image


    6 years ago from Online

    Very interesting nostalgic moments about the hunting of hot dogs at your favorite store. Thanks for sharing:)

  • samsons1 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Tennessee

    thanks Granny's House, for your visit and your encouragement...

  • Granny's House profile image

    Granny's House 

    8 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Love your stories. Keep hubbing.Will rate up

  • samsons1 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Tennessee

    thanks Dave for your visit and nice comments. You must be a lot younger than I am. I remember bottled cokes for a nickel or ten cents for a fountain coke. The hot dogs were just a dime and we could get in the movies for 10 coke bottle caps - my how times have changed...

  • Dave Mathews profile image

    Dave Mathews 

    8 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

    samsons1: Thank you! I fondly remember those days. One nickel, got you onto the local transit system bus, 25 cents got you into the movie where you watched the newsreel, a couple of Disney cartoons, and the movie itself.

    25 cents more and you had the biggest bucket of buttered salted popcorn you ever saw and a bottle of CocaCola.

    A nice trip down memory lane.


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