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Burden of the mighty

Updated on August 27, 2016
Davorunner profile image

I love to write, I have been writing and journaling since I was very young, and I especially enjoy short stories, parodies and poetry.

This is a poem about those with big hearts.
A poem for those who know that there are many things wrong with our society and are deeply unsettled by them.
For the people who feel what others feel and that weight can make them struggle with regular tasks.
For those who don’t fit in to societal standards and ‘have to’ justify themselves to others every day.
For those who can lift the spirits of others despite their own being heavy.
For people who are the hardest on themselves for they truly understand the value of others and how their actions can affect them.
And especially for all those reading this who don’t realise how mighty you actually are –
Your burdens are great. But you are greater.


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