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Buried in Work

Updated on January 19, 2018
This could be what it looks like when you are buried in work
This could be what it looks like when you are buried in work

Limitless Writing To Cover Up Anxiety

When people hear the term "buried in work," what do they think of? do they automatically think work that is never ending or work that is limitless? That is what the term " buried in work" means, to some people anyway.Some people might call it work that you just put off doing, but I like to call it limitless work. I bet you have never heard of limitless writing to cover up anxiety, though? What is anxiety, and how can you tell if you have it? According to the definition, anxiety means a feeling of worry, uneasiness, or nervousness usually about, an immediate event or something with an uncertain outcome. It is something that you do to take your mind off the thing that is giving you anxiety in the first place.

A lot of people who suffer from anxiety can’t do anything once anxiety hits because they can't focus they just want to be left alone. They don’t want people around, and they don’t want to do anything and that includes working. Usually, if you suffer from anxiety, working is the last thing on your mind because you can’t concentrate on the task at hand. Although that doesn’t happen for all people. For example, I don’t suffer from anxiety often, or at least I don’t think that I do, but at this point, there is something going on. I don’t know exactly what it is and I am chalking it up to anxiety. There are limitless things that a person can do to cover up anxiety,

How I have chosen to bury the anxiety that comes about in my life, is by writing. Since that is what I consider a job, I am going to cover up my anxiety by writing. When you cover something up you are trying to bury it so that you are not thinking about it, and that is what I am trying to do with my writing, right now. Why I have anxiety right now I don’t even know, I am trying to figure that out. There is really nothing that could cause me to have it, but I as of right now I have with it in the form of an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am chalking it up to anxiety but I am going to try to figure it out. I write to cover up that I am not having such a good day so to speak, in terms of anxiety and it seems to help.

What do you do to get rid of your anxiety? Probably stop doing what is causing you the anxiety right? Well yes, that would be the best thing to do, so that you take yourself out of the situation, but what if you are like me and can’t figure out what caused it. I am not prone to having anxiety issues, they just happen once in a while. Why do you think they are caused? For each person, the reason is going to be different. For example, I have a weird feeling of anxiety setting in right now and I don’t know why there is no reason for it. Although everyone has different ways to deal with it. Some people talk it out, some people journal some people, exercise, or some people throw themselves into their job so that they don’t have to think about it, the list can go on.

Buried in Work

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Have You Ever Had So Much Work To Do That You Can't Breathe?

If people get into the habit of doing something mindless, to cover up anxiety it usually works for a short period of time. It depends on how bad the anxiety is, for example, limitless writing to cover up anxiety can mean a number of different things, it could mean journal writing, songwriting, novel writing so that you can go into another world, or blog writing. Where you can try to put yourself in a different place just like you would if you were writing a novel.

What if your mind is all over the place when you should be focusing on work or whatever it is you are doing at the time? That is another form of anxiety because you can’t focus on the task at hand. Which can lead to things not getting done in a timely fashion when that is what you are required to do. So again how do you get rid of your anxiety? The best medicine for that is to take yourself, out of where the anxiety is being caused for example if you are at work, get up and walk around if you can’t focus. Try and get your mind on something else. Because the reason you have anxiety is that you are thinking about too many things that don’t matter to what you are doing at the time and it is stressing you out.

How do you deal with this anxiety, though is the question? Why not stop doing what you are doing and do something else, it might help you figure out why you had anxiety in the first place if you let it play out long enough. I know that, when I have anxiety and I decide to read or write well most of the time I write, writing takes me a long time. For example today I have been writing since two in the afternoon, it is almost five pm that is a very long time to be writing one piece, for me anyway, it may not be for someone else, but I can usually get pieces done in an hour or less. What if you have anxiety, about something at home, you would go to work to get away from it right and bury yourself in that work which means you put all that you have in your work, but what if you work from home. If you work from home and have to clean up and don’t want to clean up but every time you look around the mess is there but you don’t want to clean up, so what do you do, you get right back to the work that you were doing earlier so that you can focus on that rather than the mess that is staring you in the face.

What do you think limitless writing is according to the term burying yourself in work? Well as I mentioned above it is writing a lot. Or actually, it is writing until there is nothing left to say, if you bury yourself in work to cover up the anxiety that you are feeling, you are thinking of something else. That is what covering it up means, although it is still there later you at least feel as though you could forget about it for a while. If you believe that your anxiety can be challenged into limitlessness, then give it a shot believe that anything that you do is limitless and the anxiety you feel towards certain things will change into limitlessness, which will get you to where you want to be you just have to believe. That is what burying yourself in work does, it pours all you have into what needs to be done and in the end, everything will be limitless and work out in the end. So why not do limitless writing to cover up the anxiety in your life. If that is the way you like to cover it up that is.

Limitless writing to cover up anxiety
Limitless writing to cover up anxiety

How To Bury Yourself In Work To Cover Up Anxiety

Many people suffer from anxiety and there are limitless ways to deal with it. Since we are all different people we will deal with our anxiety differently if we have it. Some of us aren't diagnosed with anxiety but we all feel it limitlessly at times. So we deal with it all differently, some of us write, some of us go out with friends or do something outside of the house so we don't have to think. Things like that. I am the type of person who if I feel anxiety set in, I will write one of my novels or read a book to take my mind off what is giving me anxiety.

Have you ever buried yourself, in work to cover up anxiety? Let's Discuss

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