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But that was long ago

Updated on March 17, 2011

What this is

This is a poem i wrote a long time ago and thusly i think it should be one of the first things i post.

But that was long ago

I used to have the perfect life

with fun and joy and happiness.

It involved parties with a swimming pool,

but that was long ago.

I also had a T.V.

big as the sky is wide,

and also knew the best D.J.,

but that was long ago.

We would run and play,

chill in the hot tub

until the day was done,

but that was long ago.

When the sun has set

some would leave, others stay

and the real games would begin,

but that was long ago.

Now ghost stories and pillows

fill the sky along with the sun,

they all leave and soon do I,

but that was not long ago.


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    • profile image

      Doug Turner Jr. 6 years ago

      Another great concept that has yet to see full fruition. The title rocks, so does the topic of hearkening back to carefree days, footloose days, but you haven't yet conveyed the whole story. There's much more to this poem that you're not disclosing. I'm not saying to reveal it all, but at least open the door a little for us to get a glimpse of all the puzzles you're hiding.

      The way this narrator would run and play, but also chill in a hot-tub with the best D.J.'s, had me confused. Is the narrator a child, a hip teenager, or a really, really hip child? The real party would start after sundown, so I'm assuming this is from an adult perspective, but it's not clear enough. Peace.