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My father was a tomato

Updated on April 6, 2016

But you are innocent when you dream

But Madness comes up and traps you in. Discreet, she convinces you with a sudden unrhetorical impulse.
You acquaitance that underground, that Jungian landscape, and get naked, tackling it, facing off.
If you are lucky you leave that place as NGO free will leaves a Third World Country and backs to home.
I wonder if I robbed some memories, there is no witness nor piece of evidence to expose; as a desperate and fainted hearted E.G. Robinson murdering the woman in the window.
A deserted scream for truth is not a good policy , a wasteland desperation runs as doves playing hoaxes of pethrarcan love; glossolalia as a whimsical choice to choose when language fails and hope is not.
Dreams just to hold on, as the wood in which rest the innocence of the memories that I robbed.

* Salinger suffered from glossolalia

* Tesla was in love with a dove

* The film Leolo also deals with madness, the sentence " Because I dream I am not mad" comes from that film as well as the soundtrack by Tom Waits.

A dove


You are Innocent when You Dream


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