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Butterflies dancing in the dark

Updated on August 21, 2014

Pull up the nightshades

I want to see the moon

The wind has trembled my windowpanes.

I want to be sensual and courageous,

successful and remembered as the stars.

I want to feel loved, close and fulfilled.

Lonely-ness undone.

I can't be breathtaking

or beautiful like a crouching tiger.

Voluptuous is not me.

Can I be special to someone

if not beauty is what they see?

When I am angry

I am frightened.

I want to unlace my soul.

When I am crowded I let go

and let it drain out of my pen like syrup, my soul.

Then I become unbuttoned,


I wipe away my tears and let my inhibitions slip.

I want to be trusted and to trust.

No more smoky science or locomotion,

random back and forth,

at someone else's direction.

I'll be the catcher of butterflies

and chase fireflies sifting in moonlight

my feet dancing on wet grass

no containment casing me in with bars.

I'll unstitch my guidelines

and my soul will drain my ponds of sadness

release my gloom unto the stars.

A cool breeze will fan my cheek.

My doom will rain away,

exhaling pain from my lips,

and let the moon shine gladness

into the wet pool of night.


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