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Buy A Chevy Volt: Get A Free Extension Chord

Updated on May 4, 2011

The Electric Car Is Here

Finally, a car that you can really plug into. The Chevy Volt, appropriately named is a fully charged electrical car that is now available to consumers.

Retail price for this car (should you come across it as a contestant of the Price Is Right) is a shocking $33000USD. The car comes with a few features that will not be advertised by General Motors. For example, anyone trying to pee on this car will automatically be electrocuted. The electric charge of the car will follow the path of the flowing liquid to its source thereby frying the perp starting with his/her genitalia.

Consumers should immediately be aware of the existing charging stations in their vicinity or points of travel. Economists are speculating that if these car sales takes off, it could spike the price of electricity at the pumps.

Consumer groups also caution kids sitting too close to one another wearing sweaters and rubbing against the plush interiors. The resulting shock could damage the car's fuel tank as well as short-circuit the driving panel. Drinking water or other fluids inside the car is also to be avoided.

On the positive note, the car is noteworthy in that anyone who leaves the car running while being locked in the garage will only have a higher electricity bill to show for it. The car also features such handy emergency accessories such as two rats running on a caged water- wheel for additional electricity when needed and a miniature flash light should the high beams go out.


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