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Buy A Kindle Online

Updated on January 10, 2010

The Amazon Kindle is a hardware device designed by amazon for the public to be able to download books and other digital media to be viewed on this device.The kindle is a very small digital device with a screen for viewing digital media on,it is quick and easy to download books and other digital media and is easy to read with no strain on the eyes as you may get sitting in front of your computer screen for hours at a time.Books and other such media are available to download through amazon at a set price and then are stored to your Kindles hard drive.The new kindle 2.0 has a 2gb hard drive which can hold about 1750 non illustrated ebooks,that is some library and saves you having to lug all your favourite and new books around on holiday or when traveling as they are all stored on one convenient yet small device.personally i am a great lover of reading and find it especially relaxing when on holiday,when i recently went on my honeymoon i took 6-7 books and this took up valuable luggage space,if i had had one of these it would of been a godsend,what a space saver,just download a book in under a minute and read away to your hearts content

The Amazon Kindle

Specs and Design

The amazon Kindle was first released in 2007 and was sold out almost immediately,it came with a 250mb memory but this was expandable.The kindle had a 6inch display and could hold approximately 200 non illustrated titles.In early 2009 Amazon released the Kindle 2 which came with extra battery life and a downsized model, the thickness was reduced and the Kindle 2.0 came with 2gb and could hold approximately 1500 non illustrated titles which is some feat.The thickness is 9.1mm which is super thin.It too has a 6inch display and is just over 8inches by just over 5 inches which is smaller than most of the books you are going to download to it.The weight of the kindle is 10.2 ounces which is pretty light.This is set to be the number one media reader for quite some time.


There are currently over 50,000 titles on the amazon store for you to download and also lots of other media such as your daily newspaper to download,most full novels are available for around $10.Most of the newspapers available are about $15 to download for a month and magazines can be as low as $1.49.Some blogs and news feeds can be available for download for free.


The accessories for the Kindle range from lots of cases designed to keep your Kindle free from dirt and damage,to clip on lights for reading your Kindle in low light to screen protectors.There are also new comfy headphones available as well as different skins to liven up the appearance of your Kindle.


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