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Tripping the Bytes Fantastic

Updated on February 1, 2013
1979 Chevy Chevette
1979 Chevy Chevette
Waldo and the Waldettes
Waldo and the Waldettes

In real life, she was Gloria

Simmons, a Newport-smoking,

Rollo-eating cashier. Weary of

“Think it’ll snow?” and “Where’s

your bathroom?” from her take-a-

penny customers, she’d get into her

’79 Chevette after the 3-11 shift

and return to her single-cell

apartment, her pet gerbil, Waldo,

and two goldfish nicknamed

the Waldettes. In real life he was

Taylor George, a no-caffeine,

fingernail-biting pizza delivery

driver. Tired of “You’re late!” and

“Have any trouble finding us?”

from his gimme-my-change

customers, he’d drive his ‘74

Vega from Bandini’s at midnight

to his drafty efficiency, his

collection of blues records, and a

scattering of mice who liked his

cooking. But by 1 A.M., they

were FRED43 and GINGER9,

tripping the bytes fantastic in the

anonymous darkness of cyberspace.


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    • multiculturalsoul profile image

      JJ Murray 5 years ago from Roanoke, Virginia

      I later developed these two characters and expanded their story into a novel titled THE WORST ROMANCE NOVEL EVER WRITTEN. I prefer writing about ordinary people and their extraordinary lives.