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Updated on October 3, 2016
Rome Ranosa profile image

My name is Amorlina L. Ranosa, I am a teacher, advocate, art, music, writing enthusiast.



I am but a little candle in the midst of the dark,
Lighting the shadows of my brethren's path.
The flickering light is but a hopeful sight,
That the world will be better if we start..

Start sharing the light to everybody else,
To those who are suffering in the midst of darkness.
Those who are hungry, poor and homeless,
Those who are ill, abandoned and hopeless.

Light but a single candle and share it with others,
Let the light scattered all over the dark place.
Let the world shine bright, spread that light,
and give hope, love, and encouragement.

And someday maybe someday the world will be a place,
Where there are no people who are hungry on the street.
For if you'll just light me, a little candle as I am,
The world will be a better place to live for everyone.

Let me love you


I am but a child with a little heart of gold,
I keep on getting inside of you even when you treat me cold.
If you only knew that there is a special place I keep,
that only you are allowed where you will be safe.

Tossing and turning on bed at night I saw you,
crying, fearful and heartbroken too.
When you are sad and sometimes you feel bitter,
If you only knew there's a special place for you to make you feel better.

Oh! Please do let me be near your heart,
to hold you, to guide you and take care of your heart.
Problems do exist I know it is tearing you apart,
But, I am here to make your world brighter, can we start?

Can we start to make and build a better world for you and me,
For I will not harm you nor break your heart.
I will be the perfect person but at least from the start,
Please let me love you? will you let me in in your heart?


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