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Cedar Key, Florida, a poem

Updated on January 29, 2013
Cedar Key, Florida, C.1884
Cedar Key, Florida, C.1884 | Source


Some Spring, we'll go to Paris

See All the monuments,

And some museums too,

Dine on a river boat,

Later cuddle and say

Things we both like to hear,

Listening to the rain

Staccato on the roof.

Some day, we'll go to Verona,

Where I want you to stand

On Juliet's balcony,

While I declaim to you

Words that do not exist

That I'll make up for you.

Then I'll run up the stairs

Throw myself in your arms.

We'll go to London too

And its misty grey skies,

Where I'll besiege my Queen

Who you happen to be.

Walk over Tower Bridge

Feast over fish and chips,

Thinking I am kucky

When you are kissing me.

One day when we come back,

We'll go to Cedar Key

Where there's nothing to do

But love one another

Twenty four hours a day.

For if we can endure

The sight of each other

Half way around the world

Maybe, and just maybe

We can do it home too...

Copyright 2012 by Austihealy, his heirs and assigns


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