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Updated on November 21, 2012

This routine of going to college and getting back, left them hardly any time for chat. Jen’s long neglected craze in facebook was revived and he was always preparing notes and pacing meditatively around the room as he took down points that they were the happiest they ever had been in each other’s company.

“Jennifer” he called her. She was surprised when she glanced up at him, his tone was more of a teacher's than anything else and he looked the part too wearing a along antique looking dressing growing that hung loosely about him and wearing his silver spectacles as of old.

“Yes” she asked.

“Have you done your homework, my dear?” he asked her and she went blank for some time, eyes widening in surprise.

“What homework?” she asked him at last after thinking for two minutes while he stood there, closely observing her.

“Didn’t I tell you to gather points that you could say about the poem I taught in class?” he asked.

Her lips parted and she looked with a horrified expression at him before slowly shaking her head.

“I was doing that just now!” she lied to get out of any problem but for that he gave a little tilt of his head, and lifted one eyebrow and asked doubtfully, “Is that so?”

“May I see that?” he asked, stretching out his hands.

“It’s in my bag” she blurted looking like a martyr at him.

“Get it then” he said crisply and turned around adjusting his spectacles and going through his material once more.

She had been sitting with crossed legs on the sofa with her laptop and now she ruefully rose and retrieved her bag. She hastily opened her notebook and searched for any trace that would show what he had been teaching in class. On one page, she had scrawled, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. That was it, the title, nothing more. Thankfully, she had her laptop next to her and sitting down in the corner, she googled the poem and found out that it was some psychological mumbo jumbo, some supernatural rendition of Coleridge. She hurriedly scribbled down the points related to it and fervently went to show it to him to get it done and over with. There he was in the hall, pacing as irritatingly and monotonously as ever. She felt possible loathing for him at this. When she handed it to him, he took with the contemptuous air of a teacher and went through it in a critical manner.

“Uh huh. Google’s quite useful, eh?” he asked her mockingly and she gulped.

“I will write it now” she said bitterly and took the notebook from him.

“And Jennifer, I am not doing this to annoy or take advantage of you. Since we are now married, it places a lot of complications in our relationship. You must be a respectable student, only then people will not accuse me of partiality” he told her.

“Okay” she said abruptly and sat down with her notebook. She took the poem from the file and started to read it but seeing her puzzled look, he asked her, “Didn’t you listen to anything while I was teaching?. And don’t you dare glare at me” he told her harshly for she’d started to glare at him.

“I did” she said defiantly.

“Ha” he mocked.

“I see you haven’t ever heard of a thing called respect” he told her in a bitter, hurt tone.

“Oh, you’re so narcissistic, you make everything about you. I don’t listen because I am not a good student”.

“Oh for shame, how proudly you admit it!”

“Are you going to go about saying this to every one of your less interested students”.

“People that have common sense will not get romantic ideas when they are so backward in studies themselves”.

“Are you calling me dull?”

“Are you not? If not, then that only makes it all the more worse”.

“Oh, you aren’t going to make me cry this time. I am going to do your damn homework and you can grade me in class. You are only my teacher over there”.

“How I wish it had stopped with that!”

“That’s such a low blow. I never knew you were so cheap”.

“And I never knew you were so fake” he yelled, unable to hold himself any longer.

“Dear God! I cannot take a minute more of this, you have successfully driven me out of my own home. I hope you enjoy your precious time alone, if you can, try not to drool after every other man in the campus” he said before throwing on his suit and taking the car keys, he drove out the house leaving a breathless, fuming Jennifer behind him.


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    • sharonchristy profile image

      Sharon Christy 5 years ago from India

      how simple it all sounds Gypsy Rose Lee!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      You cannot combine a husband with a teacher. He had got to compromise and put the teacher away at home and she has got to grow up and quickly.