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Let my house be a home...

Updated on November 7, 2014

Let me be in,

a city of dreams,

building up a home,

not a house,

I know that without you,

I can't build a home,

It will be remained only a house.

Unable to get success,

building up my home,

within a moment,

it is built up,

the next moment,

it is ruined and scattered.

what I can do ?

What I should do?

I can't understand and,

being overwhelmed,

tell me, What I have to do for it ?

My dream home,

the home which can only be ours,

looks like silver,

appears like a diamond,

shines like gold.

I truly know well,

what it was till yesterday,

will not be remained tomorrow.

In the palace of my heart,

light is off, everywhere darkened,

If I build up the house,

and let it be decorated,

for whom I will do all this ?

if you are so far from me.

I am very alone,

in this home of stones,

you are not with me,

nothing is meant for me.

Why have you gone far from me,

Why you became so angry,

I really call you,

Please come,

don't punish me,

See, the springs laughing at me,

beautiful gardens of flowers,

are also laughing at me.

The walls of my house,

are laughing at me a lot,

my heart is crying,

every moment saying,

Let my house be enabled as a home.


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  • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

    Vinaya Ghimire 6 years ago from Nepal

    I think home as a pole where cattle are tied, no running away.