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Updated on June 6, 2015
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Understand Life's Journey

When I was a little child, I used to climb hills in a quiet distant hillside with my childhood friends and neighbors. Some hills are high but there’s one which I remembered the highest of them all. The purpose of going there is exactly to get sticks and fire woods at the same time had mountain adventure for fun and leisure. On the 80’s, families and houses basically used fire woods in cooking food so those straws and sticks are important for us. Every time we climb those hills, we gushed out breath and experienced body scratches with sometimes painful wounds on our feet.

Such childhood experience is indeed typical in real life’s journey we take each day in our life. I don’t know what’s yours but certainly we fight several struggles in our life’s journey. It’s so plain to realize both rich and poor people in this world had to climb life’s peaks.

At times when we observe the sufferings of people around us, you therefore see yourself that many people had climbed even highest peaks in their life’s journey which is more than what you did. Incredibly, these people who surpassed climbing life’s mountains are really veterans and experts in passing various trials. Their patience and determination provide so many lessons that’s why they reached many times in their life’s goal successfully.

No wonder these successful people at times tell you the wonderful stories behind their life’s journey and how they overcame the odds and obstacles before they achieve their greatest success.

Don’t ever think that rich men in this world had the easiest life as they got all the comfortable things they wanted in life. Although rich had many advantages over the poor in terms of material sufficiency and convenience, however I don’t believe they lived in the most comfortable situation in life. Money is really good when the purpose serves best for good. Let’s all remember the fact that money sometimes or even at all times can be very deceitful to man. It triggers when not properly used to all possible life’s danger making the rich climb into the highest peak of their journey.

Because rich at times can’t handle situations in terms of material discomforts, it would be their highest burden how to handle life situation in case they’re toppled on the stage of bankruptcy. At times their life is in great danger and became a prey for terrorists who sought for ransom. Thus, situation calls for rich people to at times caused sleepless nights due to fear of life and security. Contrast to this, poor man can sleep well in his unsafe haven as he had nothing to fear of loss.

My point stressed on the fact not to believe and think however that rich people had life so easy as though they’re walking in a plain valley alongside strawberry farm. You’re wrong when you think rich people had the easiest life in this world! Still these men had climbed so many higher peaks in life. They all struggle for life’s threat and were afraid of peace and security. At time’s they were drowned with lots of vices, filled with worries as though no single time that their minds are occupied with comfort and had lingered life's tranquility.

In climbing the peaks of life, we will learn how to avoid fears. We must think at times how our minds always be at peace in order to reach the goals without resentment and frustration.


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