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Collecting Modern Age Comic Books As an Investment ( Part Five )

Updated on December 17, 2015

Letter 44 Oni Press

Originally sold for just one dollar on release in the USA, Letter 44 #1 sets the scene for a series that reputedly should run for around 25 to 30 issues. The premise of the story tells how new incoming President , Stephen Blades is informed by letter ( letter 44 ) by the previous White House incumbent that the Earth is in danger of coming under attack from an alien task force already building up in readiness in outer space. To help try to combat this threat the USA has sent a ship of our own into space containing 6 scientists and 4 military personnel to monitor the situation.

I enjoyed this first issue immensely and believe there is the makings of a great series here that could well transfer easily to television or the big screen, buy it now before it shoots up in value.

Rat Queens #1
Rat Queens #1

Rat Queens

A real fun read this one from Image Comics. The Rat Queens are a bunch of monster hunting booze loving killers for hire, the team includes Hannah the rockabilly Elf, Dee who is an atheist human cleric, Betty who is a hobbit and a thief and Violet the Dwarf fighter. Having read the first two issues of this i can say that the second issue is especially good, the characters are easily identifiable with straight from the word go and i can see that after Peter Panzerfaust that Kurtis Wiebe could have another massive hit on his hands.

Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth # 1
Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth # 1

Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth

On its release this book earned some rave reviews from the online comic book reviewers and deservedly so, the book is well written and hilarious. It has recently been announced that an animated series based on the book is soon to be released and will be aired on either Disney XD or Adult Swim, since this news has been released the book has shot up in value so get in now before the series is released and it goes up some more!

Captain Marvel # 17
Captain Marvel # 17

Captain Marvel # 17

Not a comic book i enjoy or would normally recommend however in this months issue something interesting happens in the final pages that may be worth noting for investment purposes. At the end of this months issue we see a young Asian girl from the neck down posing in front of the mirror, if the rumours are correct this young lady is to become the new Ms Marvel and thus the first female Muslim super hero. Its possible that this issue may become an important issue in the future so i would recommend purchasing this issue while it is still at cover price and issue #18 when it is released as it should be the first full appearance of this new character.

Afterlife With Archie " Betty " variant
Afterlife With Archie " Betty " variant

Afterlife With Archie #1

It was great to see Archie comics score a massive hit with this comic. Released just in time for Halloween, Afterlife With Archie # 1 tells the gory tale of how Archie's pal Jughead gets turned into a zombie after getting bitten by his faithful hound Hot Dog after Hot Dog had been brought back from the dead by Sabrina The Teenage Witch! Told in a more adult style than many would normally associate with the Archie comic books this book seems to have captured the imagination of readers who wouldn't normally read Archie. There are various variant covers available for issue # 1, i especially like the saucy "Betty " cover.

J.Scott.Campbells superb variant cover for Superior Spider-man # 20
J.Scott.Campbells superb variant cover for Superior Spider-man # 20

Superior Spider-man

Although this book has been out a while now i have noticed it is slowly gaining some momentum in terms of value , so it may be worth buying a couple of copies now before it rises anymore. Whenever J.Scott.Campbell releases a variant they always seem to be popular with comic book fans, his variant cover for Superior Spider-man # 20 featuring the Black Cat on a white background seems to have become an instant hit with high grade copies demanding quite a premium.

Other Books Worth Speculating On

Here are some books to look out for that have just been released or will be released within the next couple of weeks.

Manifest Destiny


Voices In The Dark

Clone - TV show on the way

Harley Quinn # 0


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    • nuffsaidstan profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Hi Geekdom, yeah haven't had chance to write much lately i have been mad busy with a new business, just read Shaolin Cowboy 1 and 2, very good indeed!

    • Geekdom profile image


      5 years ago

      I have not seen your writing for a while. It's good to have you back. I always enjoy this series for possible issues to read. I am not into the value collecting anymore.


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