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Cottage of Memories

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Introduction

In every place, there is always that one thing that triggers the memories of a person. Memories of the good old times mostly cherished. Memories of good will are worth keeping. However, some memories can be devastating to the soul of man. It pricks the soul of man makes him feel uncomfortable and restless. A pain that seems to linger forever is unhealthy.

Memories are part of this life. We cannot do away with it. The best one can do is to manage it. It also demands self control. The power of self control must be infused into the genes of a person going through a memorable experience, be it positive or negative.

Memories also make us cherish life as a whole and wish to re-live it over and over again till we cannot ask for more. This poem, “Cottage of Memories”, presents to us a memory of a place and the events that revolved in and around that place. It is a simple factual memory experience that most people are familiar with.


1. A journey of words it has been,

My soul longed to search,

Amidst the green pine trees,

Stood the Cottage of Memories,

And wood birds sang its tunes.

2. Come Oh you memories of old,

Come Oh you who makes my old soul,

To relish the fun times of the past,

A wish not granted,

This makes the soul sick.

3. Fun days are here,

Fun times are in,

I hear them say,

From a far, far away land,

Memories are beckoning from the depths of thought.

4. Eyes never saw and ears never heard,

The skin never felt it,

The heart never perceived,

The senses do play games,

And there it stands in desolation.

5. Now a cottage of nests and little creatures,

Its glory flew away and came no more,

Alas, it is no more,

The good old fun days are no more,

Lonely stood the Cottage of Memories.

The Discussion

Stanza 1

The writer describes this place of memory and its uniqueness in relation to the surrounding environment. It is a matter of geographical location. The geographical location of a place also plays a key role in maintaining the memories of that place in the minds of people who once encountered it.

Stanza 2

In this stanza, the writer points out the fact that he is a matured person, one in his old age. This elderly person once enjoyed and had so much fun in time past. He feels mandated to share his memory of the place.

Stanza 3 and Stanza 4

The writer describes how being in that place felt like. He probably feels describing the activities or events that once revolved in and around this place, requires description with a million words. He intermittently derails from the memory lane to the present and displays a shock of realizing this place was no more and now a fantasy in memory.

Stanza 5

He being in his present state now begins to describe what he is witnessing vividly. It is no more a place of fun but rather something else not worth associating with the fun times of the past.


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