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Creator, My Quest is You! (Poem)

Updated on May 20, 2016

Creator, my quest for You in nature wondrously unveils,

How marvelous and magnificent You really are,

You cover life with majesty!

I gaze up and behold the clouds white and full of startling wonder

Brilliantly set in a regal blue sky!

The terrestrial applauds Your splendor an array of perfect order,

Greenery that promotes a kaleidoscope of colors

As seasons begin and end,

Your greatness is evident in these glorious displays

The works of Your hands!

Isn’t that the premise of all profound ponder?

Beauty indescribably excellent,

I am experiencing the kind of reverence,

Which promotes genuine admiration of who You are,

You are the spring from where I draw life and love,

How awesome is that?

You are the Creator and maker of all things which will continue

As Your design demands, just as You have defined their purposes,

The eagle, robin, and even the hummingbird, just to name a few,

The celestial as You dispatch them and they protect the world and there is safety,

The earth, what a work of art!

A masterpiece that can never be duplicated by any creature,

Creator, my quest is for You, absolutely!


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    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 4 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      What a beautiful poem, and such a great tribute to the Divine Creator!