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Updated on September 1, 2014

It hovers over all mankind.

Crimson light from on high,
shining on the world.
Its color is outstanding from
the blue skies and the
greenery vegetation beneath.

The earth requires mercy
from all the atrocities
and debauchery going on;
the mayhem, pillaging and
awful catastrophes.

Their sources are hidden in
the bowels of the crust below.
It is Hell down there, of fire
and brimstone, meant to
destroy all the inhabitants.

Calls of hope and goodness
from kind and gentle people
are heard from all the four
corners of the globe to redeem
humankind from its errors.

The stretch of which covers the
Middle East, Africa and beyond.
All are man made, coming out of
hatred and cheating by one nation
over another, using violent force.

The light from above is a symbol of
glory, present to save and transform.
Evil and depravity to turn into wholesome
conditioning within the human mind,
before it faces its final doom and death.



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