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Call Of Your Conscience

Updated on December 22, 2014

Once in a life there comes a time when things become so fascinating and life turns out as a glamorous gem , a gem you always thought to wear. People, things, birds, roads, winds even all living and non-living creatures become the most gorgeous and alluring. Going through that phase of life; exactly through that time you feel yourself one of the world's most gleeful, ecstatic and blessed person. Wait, let me rephrase; you actually feel yourself as a person whose all dreams have came true. A person who was in a marathon not knowing about his destination, and all of a sudden he reached his destination, you feel complete. But then you realize that deep inside, your conscience is trying to tell you something. But you; you are so happy to listen any other thing even to hear your own self but on the spur of the moment the sound grows louder, more louder as someone inside your head is yelling, crying louder and telling you this all is Illusion! It's not as you are thinking it. The place which you are taking as your destination is indeed another turn of the same marathon. You haven't reached the end in fact a new path has started of the same race; a path that is more tough and indestructible than the previous one. It will either keep you running for rest of your life or will break you to never get back on your legs, because there is no end to this alley. You have time don't go further take your steps back! But you, following those illusions of you own Demon that resides in you; give a cold shoulder to that idea and get lost in those temporary joys which seems endless. But Wait! Listen that conscience is still speaking, isn't it? trying to keep you away but this time the sound of laughs, wind and music is so high that you are unable to hear that call of your inner. And then finally that sound dies inside you. But what's this? After a while you start thinking , this isn't a dream coming true, not any reality, it's still the same dream you are living in and that was really not your terminal, you are on a new way, a way that's more grueling! At that time you realize your mistake and that sound flashes back into your memory who has already told you "ALL THIS IS JUST ILLUSION" now you try to hear that voice again. You beg to have an answer, to know how you can get out of this? Now, it's you who is crying louder and louder and everyone around you can hear you, ask you for the reason or if they could help you anyway? But you know that only one is having the answer the one that resides in you. But to your bad luck this time there is no response from there, same as once you were dumb to all calls and sounds of your own inner! Finally, there is a response , one day you get an answer but to your amazement there is only a laughter. this laughter is giving a lot of meanings it's showing you that you were so stupid to differentiate between what was wrong and what was right? Or maybe this laughter is showing you the bright side that nothing is finished you still have ways to get into the real world to search your destination. But this time all you have to do is to recognize the right meaning and to move ahead leaving behind the trash. There is always a key to every lock you only need to put the right key at the right time. And the right time never comes in front of you saying that " Here I Am". It's you who have to choose, who can make the time right or wrong with one decision. With time we realize meaning of some events which had happened, even the bad experiences and events are good in a way of giving us lessons and we can take them as positive experience as well. Only in one way we can make a simple minute of our life as a right one


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      3 years ago

      Marvellous... Supplanted


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