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Call Out My Name (Before I Sleep)

Updated on November 13, 2015

In the forests,
You call out onto me
Enchantress, O beauty
The white of your skin
Under the snows
I feel your cold visage

Upon the warmth of my hands
I embrace that face
Blue eyes through mine
Through my soul
You see my heart
And it all belongs to you

We... change
The dove and the raven
Flying upon the skies
In which we become
As one... the lovers
And seek the natural truth
With sense of adoration

Adoration between the two...

(Guitar Solo 1)

Up on the snowy mountains
We share the everlasting
Such a beautiful sight
In which you complete
Along with my heart
No tears in the flesh
As we become the creatures

We... may as well be dead
But alive... for the miracles of love
Spread your wings and fly
Through the clouds, rains, and skies

(Guitar Solo 2)
(Acoustic Parts)

The aura of the free
In which the white takes over the black
Lady of the snow... a dove has become
I, a raven... shall we be the wise
In which two humans turned to such
As to inspire the lovers... around

A kiss of the winter to become
An enchanting lore
For all the children to follow
Come... and manifest in ones heart
To summon upon the adoration
The lust to wander of falling leaves
To caress the bodies
For eternity... this romance

No misanthrope of both
When touching souls
And the spirit of the lands
Legendary of the lovers
Who transformed to feathers
Landing onto the youth

It's us...
Lives through immortal spirits

(Outro Instrumental)


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