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Call To Rise UP

Updated on July 16, 2015


I have always been more like an old man willing to advise the younger generation. This is a trait not acquired originally, but I willingly learnt from my grandpa. My grandpa was always there for the young and always sought to help others become better persons in this world.

I am glad to have learnt this treasure. However, mine is always channeled through poetry or music. In this particular instance, poetry is the platform I have willingly chosen to send my message of advice to the younger generation who seem blind and lost in their quest for life. Hence below are my words for the younger ones.

Call To Rise Up

1. I was a lad but now i'm old,

My life has not been the same,

A feeling of disgust,

That makes the belly bitter,

As if bile spilled in my mouth.

2. That is how it feels to behold the young of today,

Who care less about the necessities of life,

And make themselves drunk to the brim,

The future is bright, as they say,

The pleasures of this world is there for their taking.

3. How unfortunate for their deceived souls,

How ridiculous their thoughts could be,

If only they understood the past,

The present would have been filled with reasoning,

The future anticipates perfection.

4. Listen, you lads of today, listen,

The time to be up and doing is now,

It is necessary to shape the future in the present,

Lest the future becomes faulty,

Arise oh youth of today, arise for your own good.

5. I rest my thoughts,

I rest my eyes and ears,

I rest my words,

In hope for a rehabilitated young generation,

That stands by my words of reasoning.

The Discussion

Stanza 1

The writer makes it clear that he has been on this earth long enough. He seems to have issues with pains and worries of old age. He is bitter about the ordeal of having to endure an emotional pain as a result of what he has witnessed. He likens the pain to bile in his mouth.

Stanza 2

He then goes to the extent of revealing how painful it is to behold the life of the youth of this present time. He questions why the younger generation is living as if they have no clue what life is supposed to entail. This is much of a worry.

Stanza 3

Here the writer wished the young ones would realize how pitiful their lives are. There is also a future prediction of what the young one could be faced with if they do not turn from their ways. He wishes to make them understand the past as that could be a beacon of hope for their present and future.

Stanza 4

In this stanza, the writer makes it clear that he has had enough from he has been witnessing for so long a time and that the time to be heard was this present. With all the pain and anger mixed up deep inside of him, he finally speaks out loud to the younger generation and alerts them of the consequences associated with their way of life. The writer warns the young ones and calls upon them to have or desire for a better motive for this life than what they had previously.

Stanza 5

The writer climaxes with a statement of a mission accomplished, and breathing a sigh of relief from having spoken to the youth, he goes to rest with optimism that his words of life would surely steer the lost youth unto the right path of life.


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