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Campus fight

Updated on January 15, 2014

Campus fight

On a college campus with my sister, brother and some friends. However some of my friends don't want me to hang out with my other friends among them is Harry Styles from One Direction and Anaiegh Tipton. Divided, I tell my siblings and they are pissed telling me that they are not letting me leave. I see Anaiegh and she seems scared. She tells me that she might get shot if she talks to me. No gunshots but she tells me it might happen around 3pm, repeating to go left and run. It’s just me and her and she seems terrified. Around noon, she can’t take the anxiety and pulls the alarm but it’s the bell and students leave. We go to the stairs then actually hear the alarm and we run but she leaves me. I see a security guard but he ignores me.


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