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Can You Hear It? Listen....

Updated on May 29, 2013
MaggieMarie profile image

I have always loved the out of doors. Teaching children to enjoy it as well is a big part of my life. Encouragement for kids is needed.

Listen? Do you hear it? Listen again?

It’s subtle, but loud. It’s noisy, but quiet.

How can you not hear it?

It whispers….blowing through the trees, across the grass, past the flowers.

The animals, the birds hear it! why can’t you?

It’s there for all to hear.

The softness of the air as it answers the calls from long ago,

Passing through the trees like birds past towers.

But at last, you hear! The chirping of the birds, the fluttering of leaves.

The rustling of the animals scurrying along the forest floor.

It’s nature! The wonderful sound so often missed, so often overshadowed by man.

So often destroyed, when only a thought could have saved it like new.

So listen harder….everyday. Don’t miss any of it, because it won’t be back.

Once it’s destroyed, it’s gone, never the same.

Enjoy it, preserve it and save it for our children.

So the next time you listen…can you hear it? If you can’t, listen harder!

Pay attention…it’s calling to YOU!


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