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Can You Really Write A Unique Content?

Updated on December 26, 2013

Can you really come up with unique contents? Here are some of the things that can influence a piece of writing or make one content different from that of another author even when articles are on the same topic or title.

The writer’s own thought pattern could also influence the style of discussion and arrangement of ideas. Also, the personal character of the writers can affect the writing style, the choice of words and the order of ideas in terms of importance.

Different experiences different examples and references.

We have different experiences, we interview different people whiles a researches on his topic. This influences the kind of examples a writer’s cites in his discourse.

How much the writer already knows about topic

How much the write know s about the topic can also determine the sort of errors that can arise from the discussion.

Source of Information and How much research a writer does affects the content and its’ uniqueness.

Also the kind of research that the writer made and his source of ideas can influence his discourse and pattern of arrangement. It can influence in connecting phrase and introductory phrases and affect his diction, keywords and the kind of examples he cites in the content to convey his ideas.

How much research the writer does on his topic can also reflect in his discussion. When writer researches extensively, he’s able to discuss is his ideas confidently much more than who has done much research on his topic. A writer who researches more on his topic is also able to cite more examples both from materials he has read and that which people he or she interviewed during his research cited.

The topics or materials that inspired their ideas will also have influence on the way they go about their topic and the kind of examples they cite in their discussion.

Writers are also influenced by their favorite writers. Normally they pick the style of their mentors when there are discussing their ideas. Sometimes their style of discussion is a merge of that of their favorite writers.

Venue and time of writing

Even the venue at which we choose to write and the time can also affect our writing style. The place or time we choose to write directly affects our mood and which affects our writing or discussion style. Knowing the kind of reading audience that you wish to target, you must be mindful of these things in order to come up with ideas that your readers can really relate to without much hard work.

Ideas were they machine search or you wrote them spontaneously

Did your ideas come directly from machine search (search engine)? Did they come from within you naturally? When the ideas come from inside you, you can easily give the content a personal touch.

How much interesting the writer has about the topic

Mostly the less interested a writer is about a particular topic, the less he is able to write about the topic. In other words, the more interested the writer is in his discussion, the more ideas he’s about to talk about it. Moreover, the aspect of the topic the writer elaborates extensively for his reading audience – in other words the core of the content - tells a great deal about the writer’s main interest on that particular topic. It could also reveal the writer’s objective and agenda.

How much the writer loves the topic or is much more concerned about the situation that he or she is discussing can also influence his style of discussion, the errors that he is likely to make and even the pattern in which he arranges his ideas.

The writer being passionate and focusing less on the individual sentence.

Most of the mistakes that occur in writing especially with sentence arrangement occurs when the writer gets passionate and so connected to his ideas. You may sound abstract and create lots of winding statement.

Aspects within the same topic that the writer is interested in

Moreover, aspect of the topic the writer is most interested in can influence the pattern of arrangement. The aspect of the topic that he elaborates more also influences the connecting phrases and even the keywords and technical words that the writer uses in his content.

Word count can influence pattern of arrangement of ideas

The word count of the particular content can also influence the discussion in every way. It can influence the length of your individual sentences and that of your paragraphs. An art5icle’s word count can also influence where a writer places his individual ideas. Whether to start with the most important ideas down to the less important or whether to begin with the less important ideas. In fact, the word count to some extent influences the pattern of the content. Depending on the length of the article, a writer could place the most interesting ideas.

Did you express your ideas in just one article in several articles simultaneously?

Did you write the article alongside other articles? Did you derive supplementary ideas from the original ideas? It is very important to ask yourself these questions when writing as this can influence the straightforward manner in which you put your ideas. Your content is likely to be made up of more winding statements when you wrote a single article than many articles simultaneously. When you develop more than one article side by side, you are more likely to sound more straightforward and subtle in your discussion. When you are discussing your ideas in one article, you tend to sound more abstract as you are likely to force all your ideas into a single content. This goes to justify the explanation given about the word count of the content influencing idea arrangement. In addition, the kind of information available to the write at the time of gathering his or her ideas for the article.

Reading audience can also influence style of discussion and idea arrangement.

The reading audience can also influence the kind of discussion and the pattern of arrangement. It tells writer where to place certain ideas to hold the reader’s attention. That is, the writer is likely to know the ideas that the reading audience would likely appreciate. And since your target readers cannot be the same as the target readers of another writer, you cannot possibly have the same pattern of arrangement or style of discussion.

These are some of the major influences shaping the pattern of discourse. It makes the content and other related discussions unique from each other. No matter how the topics relate, if two writers do not copy from the same materials, they are never likely to come up with the same discussion. The research differently.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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