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Speak To The Heart

Updated on September 6, 2014

Some of the best inspirational subjects to write about, or paint, or photograph, or anything else that you love to do, comes from real life. Be it spiritually, emotionally, or physically, true life has a tendency to sneak up and bite you in the butt. Everyone has those moments in their life where you wish you could forget, or those moments you'll never forget.

I can remember the day 'The World Stopped Turning'. (According to country music legend Alan Jackson) I'll never forget where I was, or what I was doing. I was still driving a truck at the time. I was passing through Russellville, Arkansas, and a friend of mine called me on my cell phone to tell me to stop and turn on the TV. I didn't know what was going on, I was as confused as anyone. I asked him what was gong on, and he said, "Just do it. Something's happening. News reports are saying we've been attacked." What the hell was he talking about? Attacked? "What do you mean?" I asked. He wouldn't say anything, just for me to stop and turn on the TV. Well, I think you can understand how I felt. Maybe we (being the US) was going into war again. We were already fighting overseas and in Iraq. So, I found a small truck stop off the interstate to pull into, and jumped into the sleeper and turned on the TV. I could only get local stations there, but it was enough. When the screen finally cleared, the first thing I saw, live and in living color, was the second plane crashing into the second tower in New york. My heart fell to the floor, and my brain couldn't really understand what was going on. Was this some kind of joke? If it was, it was the worst in history. Oh my God! On that day, my world really did stop for a moment. My heart jumped into my throat and my stomach felt like a bag of mush. I sat and watched for over an hour as people I'd never know tried to survive by jumping out windows. Watching someone die, for real and in color is nothing like in the movies. And when the towers fell, the horror on the screen couldn't compare to the horror I felt in my soul. All those people. To this day I'll never forget when the world seemed different for me.


Artists around the world, in the entertainment industry, TV industry, or the writing industry make the world a little brighter or remind us the world is dangerous and doesn't have pity. These are the artists that always stay in our mind because they invoke an emotional response from you with their work. When striving for that ultimate goal of being published, or having your paintings hanging in a gallery, or your sculpture put up in a central park in a major city, or your song played over a national radio station, evoking an emotional response to your audience is the payoff. And the ultimate accomplishment. For who doesn't like a good loud belly laugh or cry once in a while, they soothe the spirit and wash the soul clean.

Tears of Joy

Have you, or anyone you know, had a loved one go to Iraq, or Afghanistan, and be one of the lucky ones to come back whole and hearty? Did you ever see the episodes on TV showcasing those moments when those loved ones come back and surprise their families. Sometimes on national TV. It's some of he most emotional, tear jerking, wonderful things to watch. It promotes a feeling of joy and amazement, and the absolute knowledge that not all who go to fight for our freedom and liberty don't come back.

The Heart

When artists of all walks of life turn their feelings on, and speak with their hearts, we, as a nation, and as human beings, relate the most. So when you have those moments when the Block comes and you think you have nothing to write, just look about you and see what's around, and put your heart on your sleeve. It may surprise you in what may come from it.

Sometimes its good to have a laugh


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