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Can poetry change your life?

Updated on January 5, 2011

Poetry a new lifestyle


          The title seemed to me a simple and comprehensive inner question that puzzled my very being for some time now. You might ask why and it’s only natural. Lately I have observed that the world begins to have new colors, new perspectives and more importantly it opens her arms to greet a humble daily passenger. Poetry is without a doubt a sensitive art that a few can harness its creative powers and produce a lyrical masterpiece that touches someone’s heart. It is a paradox that the current material world in which we live can still appreciate a poem, a book or simply take the time to contemplate on ancient phrases stated by Plato, Aristotle or Cicero. So in this jungle called society always hungry for more money and for more power can poetry find its rightful place? There hundreds of poetry communities on the internet but do they represent the true spirit of what involves to be an artist, to feel each word they write and go outside look at a cloud and think “my God that’s wonderful”?  

           I honestly think not because poetry means a special way of living and of sensing hidden pathways or reluctant rivers of imagination that flow daily around us. It is sad when you see that some people only post their poems to get ladies, to see themselves on higher ranks and tell everyone they are number one despite the fact they lack the very essence of poetry. I’m stating a few facts about the recent activity from the poetry world and these are my uncensored thoughts to say the least. Poems have to change your life and not referring to the financial aspect but more of the spiritual, moral and inner transformation component of ourselves. The fine art of creating lines, philosophical word connections is I think achievable by anyone that opens her or his mind  to the Creators daily whispers.

          In order to an artist you have to feel like an artist to reach untapped ponds of creativity that can shake the very foundation of the world you live in. I may appear to be an idealist but it is one important thing that poetry though me is that if you want to create a special poem you have to think of the effects that your poem will have on the person reading it. I have realized that there is a special connection between the reader and the writer that cannot be described into words because you have to feel. There is no good or bad feedback it’s only a state of mind a new perspective about an entity, thing, sentiment or thought. Poems have in my opinion a direct link to the higher aspirations of personal evolution and through it we can create a southing warm embracing world in which we can all get along and cast aside cultural, ethnic, racial or political differences.

Poetry one on one

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    • johnnydhm profile image

      johnnydhm 6 years ago from Romania

      Thank you very much, since my last hub I've managed to write a book. :)

    • Fossillady profile image

      Kathi 7 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

      You've said so much and so beautifully! I'm new to poetry, but its always been there. I hear the whispers of the Creator through nature too! I'm happy to have found you on hubpages. Thought about what you said of poetry changing one's life after having read a piece! Aah yes, that makes so much sense! Your website is gorgeous and so are you!