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Explosions in the hearts of spirals.

Updated on December 30, 2012


Post office loner
Post office loner | Source
post office loners
post office loners | Source
post office loners
post office loners | Source

CHAPTER 1 ?????

Today was the worst day in history according to Max. Today the sun did not shine, the wind did not blow, and everything that he did was wrong in everyone's eyes. This meager young man had nothing to share, nothing to care for and no one to cry on. On his way home from his normal boring job at the post office he walked with his head down. Not to look for lost change but to keep his eyes off of others who in his mind judged him by the lack of the eye contact that robbed him of his simple self esteem. When someone passed his way he'd just sink his nose into his dark brown corduroy jacket and a simple "Hello" moused its way out of his mouth. And if it was quiet enough, the passer-by would hear something that sounds a little more like a muffled baby sneezing.

Today was especially horrible on the account of October. October was an ordinary red-haired young lady much like Max. She had a crooked grin that made the freckles on her cheeks make a semisolid heart shaped blotch. Her light green eyes only looked down when others were around. And her milky white skin was almost all covered by a dark golden brown hoodie that seemed to be more of a secret force field against any male within a ten yard radius. Max was mopping the post office floor (a part of his job that he hated because of the chance of human interaction) when she walked in to get her mail. Any other day this would have been fine but today Max realized that October was his favorite month, his favorite scent, his favorite... everything. Not knowing his way around people in general, Max smiled at her while looking at the floor so that she really saw nothing at all. So seeing no smile she unknowingly ignored his first attempts to brave the world as a man in love. She just simply walked in and out of his life in a matter of minutes not even with the acknowledgement of his very existence. Thus leading Max's life, as he knew it, into a spiral not downwards and not really upwards but yet a spiral none the less. His love for October had increased and decreased as he thought of her sweet smell as he walked home. Staring at nothing but the pavement in front of his black and white Chucks.


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    • mikielikie profile image

      mikielikie 5 years ago from Texas

      Thanks Jamie!! Its been a while. Hope your new year is great!

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 5 years ago from Reno NV

      Hey, I was excited to see your recent writings, I jumped right in and was glad I did. Welcome back. Jamie