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Candle Flame When I'm Alone

Updated on March 21, 2015

I wrote this February 28, 1997

Don’t want to work no more right now
and I’ve nothing else to prove.
Want to love but I know it won’t last
so I don’t want to love.

Looks at me and I know.
She knows I know so
leaves me alone and searches for one who doesn't.
I use to not know and was better off?

Don’t like to travel anymore
cause it’s all right here.
Don’t like the telephone anymore
but I still like to write and sing…
when I’m alone.

I’d like to lay down and not wake...sometimes.
Rain - Crows - Wind

I love the candle flame
when I’m alone.
When I’m alone the candle flame
speaks to and soothes my soul.
My soul is a candle flame.


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