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Can't Get That New Novel Started? Give These Tips a Try!

Updated on February 19, 2015

Great remix of an old tale.

If Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith can do it, so can you!
If Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith can do it, so can you!

Hate Writer's Block? Me too.

Ever wish that someone would just tell you what to write and then BAM instant best seller? If only it were that easy. Writer's block can be one of the most inconvenient things about writing (or not writing in this case). It's never easy to overcome, but there are ways to make it less painful. Exercises do work even though they seem like a lot of trouble. I'm not saying bend down and touch your toes. You could. Who knows? Maybe something will come to you, but I will digress no further. A few tips could make all the difference in the world.

Tell The Story


1. Photos: This is the best way I have found to come up with a story line. If you have a general idea about what it is you want to write about, find a picture within that time period and look at it. Ask yourself "What was that person like?" or "What were their problems?" Use your imagination and so much can come up. Drawings or digitally created images may be especially useful for science fiction and fantasy writers.

2. Open a Dictionary: This is always fun. Open the dictionary and close your eyes. Stick that finger of yours on a word and open your eyes. Create a story around that word. Perhaps it's a feeling, idea, or descriptive word. Use that word in a story or write a story around it. The next tip can help you plan that out.

3. Bubble burst: Write a word within a bubble on a blank sheet of paper. Branch off with lines to new words that come to your mind when you think about the main word.

4. Free write: When I say this I don't mean the traditional free write. Call your mother, or best friend and ask for a topic. Take the next 30 minutes or more and write about it. See what you come up with.

5. Twist a story: Take a fairy tale or old story and twist it around. Make it strange. Or perhaps you have watched something and thought you could make it better. Do it. Make a previously done story better but make it your own. Many books have been created this way. A newer example is the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

What does your mind conjure up?
What does your mind conjure up? | Source

6. Writing Prompt: There are no shortage of these on the internet. Take a few minutes to poke around. I bet you will find something that gets those creative juices flowing.

As much as you are probably ready to bang your head on your desk...don't. Give a few of these a try first. I bet one of the above can help spur some creativity. No doubt some won't work for you. I have no luck with bubble burst, but I know writers that swear by it. Are you one of them? Good luck!


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