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Capital City (I Love DC)

Updated on November 14, 2010
The Nation's Capital, Washington, DC.
The Nation's Capital, Washington, DC.

Capital City (I Love DC)


I’m that MC

from DC

I hustle my words in poetry

That MC

from DC

I hustle my words in poetry

That MC

From DC

I hustle my words in poetry

Hustle my words in poetry

Hustle my words in poetry




DC is the best, BEST

ALWAYS be the best, YES

I'm from that Capital City

The honest hustle, grind and gritty

Where anyone can get popped swiftly

Sometimes known as the Chocolate

The bullshit and Congress

We got all type of residents

The White House, crib of the president

FINALLY, I’m glad to have in my hometown, a BLACK PRESIDENT

All of DC including Southeast ain't that bad

Numerous HIV stats

Drugs and high crime rates

As the cops roll down the avenues

Through some hoods of ash

We have the greatest hoes, dope fiends and winos

They seem weird, but they keep the ghetto live though

The town of R&B and Go-Go, the sound of Chuck Brown

Designed by George Washington and Charles P. L'Enfant

Along with Benjamin Banneker and Andrew Ellicott

The graffiti on jacked up Metro trains, bus stations, and stops

Okay public schools

Most of our stores and carry-outs owned by Asians

Home of the Redskins and Wizards

Gallery Place-Chinatown, get your grub and movie on

The party spots are Adam's Morgan and Georgetown

All up in the happy hour

We have the best girls; just go around UDC and Howard

The homecomings are never jive

Jeannie Jones KYS, PGC 95

The birthday bash at the Verizon Center

WHUR, the hottest shows and concerts at Constitution Hall

Take a walk downtown on the Mall

Historic for the Monument, Supreme Court and museums

Memorials, parades, and summer jams

This is the city of dreams

Where he gave his famous speech, Dr. Martin Luther King

On the wharf, it’s the Spirit of Washington

Even though we're not a state

We look out for terrorism and hate

Our men and women are always being stereotyped

General Hospital

Lockdown of its jail system

Can we get a decent mayor and council member

After a while, this city, a lot of people want to leave

I may wanna leave too

Its closer to VA and MD

There is no other place I really rather be

I'll always love DC

©2009, Alphonso Taylor. All rights reserved. No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express permission of the author.

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