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Captive My Thoughts

Updated on February 16, 2012

Captive My Thoughts

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Captive to my thoughts, I arise filled with a day yet unfolded.

Brimming with preconceptions and expectations

of what life could deliver I amass possibilities,

line them up like bowling pins, neat and straight.

My mind so filled with resolution I leave nothing to chance,

nothing to fate or the grim thought of surprise.

Never have I truly embraced the will of freedom,

freedom to let go my controlling fear and let life happen,

me, like a cork upon an ocean, no destination bound.

Perhaps my fear, my talon like grip on circumstance,

delivers more heartache than control.

Perhaps my limitations are no longer an advantage,

holding fast the miracle of life and strangling it,

squeezing out the marrow for desperate sustenance.

Maybe I have come to that crossroad,

where I just let it all go, fall back into the arms of a trusted friend,

to find I am safe and fear is just that, alone and without substance.

This step awaits me now, begging for the vastness of possibility,

the miracle of unrestriction.

This pariah I have been, now a shell of empty shallow belief,

becomes a shadow, a remanent of past, a road trodden.

Now, under a new sun, I stand open, my heart with wings,

life to guide me, my meddling mind no longer my course.

I suddenly find that fear has subsided, that one step my revelation,

my freedom into a new life, with no ends, no illusions.

Why didn’t I do this before?


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