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Car accident (almost)

Updated on September 13, 2013

Almost car crash

My sister and I are in the car with my aunt and we are going to Giant to get some food. "I need more noodles and mashed potatoes for my son," my aunt says. I find it for her and put in the cart. All I wanted was some gummy worms, snickers, pudding and those Bird's eye stir fry. My sister bought her turtle ice cream and smart ones TV dinners. As we finished buying are stuff we get into the car and my aunt is telling my sister about how to do well in life. My aunt takes a turn for a short cut and I tell her that there is a pothole there and it could be dangerous. She says it's fine. When we reached the pothole, she kind of sped and we crashed into the fence. It was dented and some of the food got on the windshield. I start breathing heavily and moving my arms and legs. Is everyone okay, my aunt asks. Me and my sister say yeah. Thank God we were wearing our seat belts and I sat behind the passenger seat. My aunt backs up from the place to check her car. It was dented but it was not so bad, I thought it was over and we would get hurt or worse. I'm so glad that we were ok and no one got hurt.


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