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Caravis Aryns (A Mortuus Terra Story) Ch1 Section3

Updated on September 25, 2014

The Shadowy Figure.

It was bright, and it was beautiful. All of the vines looked as if they had climbed down from the forest to drink at the lake. Trees with winding tubes protruding from their perimeters creating waterfalls of green and brown flesh to the lakes edge. Digging tunnels far below the surface of the ground near the lake, and probably tunneling into the lake itself the vines were the size of common large trees. Unlike the rest of Mortuus Terra Lake Ide had a forest of an unimaginably large magnitude. Not only was the forest large, but everything in the forest was large. The forest was said to have been blessed by the magic. The same sorcery that caused the burning winds to devour most of mankind had blessed nature.

In that moment the shadow came down upon Caravis, and his legs were no longer beneath him but flinging into the air. His arm swung to the ground and his palm planted gracefully upon the grass beneath him. His body maintained a few inches above the ground as his feet found their way to the ground, and as quickly as he could blink his body scrunched into position. His Legs sank in toward his chest as his hand remained firmly planted. His heels dug into the ground and he shot out from under the figure. As he shot back his feet picked up the weight of his body and his hand grasped at his knife.

It wasn’t there. His knife was gone. As he raised his sight the figure launched a blade in his direction. His blade suddenly struck the ground between his feet and stuck. Caravis let out a sigh as his shoulders dropped. “Nadlyn you filthy druid.” Suddenly his lips curled into a devious smile as he lunged forward. He wrapped his arms around the figure and the figure returned the gesture.


Nadlyn stood near the waters edge peering over the ledge that separated the forest floor from the lake. She wore an olive cloak and hood that covered all but the feet of her Ide Leaf boots. The green of the cloak was only broken by one dark silver Pendent Clasping the sections together in the front. her hood sat behind her head and small stringy vines were woven into her hair. Her hair could easily reach the middle of her back if it hadn't been kept up by the vines. The details of the vine work was exquisite. As if someone painted every knot on. The hair was brown and hung only to the neck in the back, the front had to be pulled back to maintain vision. Her facial features were sharp and focused at all times, but her lips broke the trend. It gave her vulnerability.

Black ink covered her neck in jagged lines, and along the right side of her neck you could see a bear roaring out from under her cloak. In her hand was a gnarled wooden staff, at the top of the staff was an orb that glowed a dim light of green. The wood of the staff tangled around the orb as if it had grown there, and consumed the glass sphere.

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Nadlyn turned her gaze to Caravis and broke the silence. “Rych felled another Ide this season of the arch.” She examined his eyes for response and returned her gaze to the lake. “One more and we have to remove him.”

“The druids cannot simply wipe out a village” Caravis returned almost as if he asked a question. “ I mean I bear no favor to Rych or his people, but that is not your role”

“The druids will protect this home Caravis regardless of how if affects others perception of us” She snapped, “We hold counsel soon, and it will be decided by the Elders.” Caravis fell to his backside and examined the water before tossing a stone into the lake. Ripples spread out in all directions.

The Myth

“Removing the the myth that precedes you by assaulting this village will lend weakness to your order.” Caravis laid his head back against the soft moss and the large root behind him, as his looked up to Nadlyns face. Her expression was blank, so he continued. “Deepin the myth that magic flow through your orders veins. Rych will not tempt the same power that decided the fate of the Ancients. Rych will offer peace.”

Nadlyns expression slowly crept into a grin, and she stared deep into Caravis eyes. The wind slowly began to howl, and the giant trees crept back and forth. Roars came from the thick of the forest and branches all around began to snap and break. Caravis left his focus on nadlyns face and he saw it. He saw the green of the Mother flash in her eyes. Suddenly her eyes turned pure white, and her voice echoed. “ What makes you so sure we don’t Caravis” He tensed at the sound of her voice thundering. “ What makes you so sure you don’t hold magic in your veins”


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