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Caravis Aryns (A Mortuus Terra Story) Ch1 Section4

Updated on September 25, 2014

As it Watches

The sound of wood splintering under thundering steps echoed around the forest. The wolf was panting keeping its stride, its tail shot straight back as it bounced off its paws from trees to roots to vines. It’s fur was pure white, with only a patch of gray enclosing it’s eyes. The beast was massive, but nimble. The wolf kept its path immaculately well for so many intrusions and obstacles in the way. His paws left a vine as he shot straight for a low hanging branch, and he landed steady. His eyes peered through leaves and twigs down upon the town.

Cadston was a busy place, caravans coming in and out at all times of day and night. The smell of burning Ide Tree filled the air, and strange hints of spices foreign to the land wafted about. Cadston was to the south of the forest. There it stood at the bottom of a cliff and towering trees. Paths had been carved up and down the cliffs edges, not because there was no other way up, but for comfort and accessibility to the forest. The green eyes watched, Not one spot for too long, but searching for something, or someone.


Caravis Threw himself backward as the winds stirred around him. His hand rested on the hilt of his blade. Nadlyn laughed, “Calm down I could feel the pressure in the air change, and i knew a the wind would come.” In an instant her demeanor had changed from cold and daunting to the normal friendly druid he had first met.

“You know the fact that you can read changes in the air bothers me enough.’’ Caravis replied. “You are not a normal lady.”

“That is what you love about me, and i will give your input to the council. I believe it is sound.” She nodded to him and turned away.

“Don’t… don’t pull that mess with Rych.” Caravis called after her. “ He will call the bluff.”


As she reached the top of the landing the mood of the others had already changed. She looked about for conformation, and the faces of the sentinels confirmed. The top landing was a circular platform similar to all of the others, it wrapped around the necks of the massive trees. Branches and rope held the platforms in place. It seemed the druids took as much care to prevent harm to the tree as possible. Bright lanterns hung from branches all around the city. The Flame moths gave a calm lighting to the shadows that were left.

Nadlyn marched straight into the chambers of the council. “I would like to move forward with an organized group tonight to cadston.” She lowered to a knee.

“I am sorry, but i cannot let you.” An Elder began.

Nadlyn cut him off. “I thought we had agreed once the.”

“LISTEN CHILD. Do not speak. We cannot give you a group. You must do this yourself and with any assets you have available.” He leaned forward. “ The mother will not call for you tonight, here are your orders.” He held out a leaf rolled as if it were parchment.

Nadlyn stepped forward claimed the leaf, and read.


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Caravis stepped through the gates, and dodged the mudholes caused by wagons. Traders eyed him for a moment and went back about their business. It was getting dark and the streets were full to the brim. He began his way to DaNell’s Inn at the corner next to the guardhouse at the entrance of town.

It was not the best Inn to stay in, but it was close to the exit, and close to the forest. Caravis would much rather be able to leave as quickly as possible than have an upgraded room. As he walked to the steps of the inn he scraped the mud from the sides of his boots on the wood next to the entrance. He opened the door and made his way to his room. He would have made it to his bed if not for the bells.

The Wolf Is at Your Door

The Wolf broke it’s gaze from the town and looked below itself. A large bear, and an elk stood side by side and gazed over the cliff. The wolf let out a howl and returned it’s view.

As it looked back to the town it snarled and leapt toward the town. The wolf fell from the tree and landed softly on the ground in front of the bear, and elk. The wolfs eyes passed through each of theirs and it made its way down the cliff side.

Sprinting faster and faster the wolf made it down the cliff at an accelerated rate. The road was clear at the moment, no one wanted to travel the ide forest at night. Especially not tonight. Fog began to roll in and the road was all, but gone. The wolf stopped a distance from the gate and waited.


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